Purchase to Pay Case Studies


Liebert Corporation

Liebert Corporation Case Study

DataServ leveraged its AP expertise to tailor our solution to Liebert’s unique payables process. As a first step, several post office boxes were established to receive and separate incoming invoices, such as utility and phone bills... Click here to read the full case study.


Duncan Industrial Solutions

Duncan Industrial Solutions Case Study

DataServ’s Purchase to Pay Solution with AutoVouchTM and Invoice Workflow functionality for Duncan begins with our Digital Mailroom, which receives all incoming invoices, in any form. DataServ personnel handle opening, prepping and scanning each document, then capturing invoice header information from each invoice received... Click here to read the full case study.

Wente Family Estates

Wente Family Estates Case Study

DataServ’s Purchase to Pay solution provides Wente with: SaaS OCR data capture from AP invoices, automated workflow processing, change management assistance through our Rapid Adoption Kit, automated 2 and 3-way matching via AutoVouchTM, Management Reporting and management of retention and storage of all AP documents... Click here to read the full case study, which outlines why Wente chose DataServ for P2P automation.

Wente Family Estates (follow-up)

Wente Family Estates Follow-Up Case StudyOur follow-up Wente Family Estates case study offers in-depth insights from two key members of Wente’s accounts payable staff on how DataServ increased efficiencies inside their AP department... Click here to learn details on how DataServ helped Wente improve its relationship with its various suppliers, allowed the company to scale their business without increasing the size of their back office, helped them take advantage of early-payment discounts, and much more. 

Nidec Motor Corporation

Nidec Motor Corporation Case StudyNidec was seeking a robust solution that would automate as much of its accounts payable process as possible. They wanted to minimize the manual data entry of AP invoices and, in turn, increase productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in their AP department. They turned to DataServ's P2P solution with AutoVouchTM to produce these desired results... Click here to read the full case study.

Elmer's Products

Elmer's Products Case StudyUsing DataServ’s standard Purchase to Pay solution, Elmer’s has eliminated all of the paper from their AP department. Vendor invoices, statements and other documents are no longer sent to Elmer’s but instead flow directly into DataServ’s Digital Mailroom.... Click here to read the full case study.


PolyOne Corporation Case Study

PolyOne’s AP automation solution includes the use of DataServ’s sophisticated Digital Mailroom, which uses optical character recognition (OCR) and a 5-step quality review to provide PolyOne with 99%+ clean electronic data and document images in a matter of hours of invoice receipt. This puts PolyOne in a better position to take advantage of supplier discounts. With the increased visibility that comes with DataServ’s workflow, PolyOne is able to identify those departments that don’t make payments in a timely fashion... Click here to read the full case study.

BlackHawk Industrial

BlackHawk Industrial Case StudyDataServ provides BlackHawk with 100% electronic invoice data, all without the hassle and effort of a supplier portal. All of BlackHawk’s AP documents are now archived in one central location, making workflow, reporting, and responding to audit requests significantly easier... Click here to read the full case study.


Arbill Case StudyIn need of an automated solution for their accounts payable (AP) department, Arbill originally selected a competitor’s Purchase to Pay (P2P) solution in 2012, but after 18 months of subpar results that saw them miss supplier discounts and have to manually process rejected invoices, they decided DataServ was their best option for AP automation... Click here to read the full case study.


White-Rodgers Case StudySince implementing the DataServ solution, White-Rodgers has realized substantial gains in productivity and manageability of its payables processes. Tax audits are significantly easier. This results from documents at every stage of the AP process being available within seconds regardless of the time period... Click here to read the full case study.

Continental Commercial Products

Continental Commercial Products Case StudyContinental began as a DataServ Quote to Cash client in 2000, but their AP processing needs changed over time. By 2011, the company realized they needed to increase efficiencies in their AP document processing as well, and they had the following goals: increase visibility into their payables process, improve financial controls, remove lower value processes like data entry, lower costs through optical character recognition (OCR) data capture, reduce overall departmental processing errors, and maintain a leaner staff balance... Click here to read the full case study.

Process Automation for Distributed Enterprises

Process Automation for Distributed Enterprises Case Study

Many organizations put off the automation of their accounts payable function because their business operates on multiple ERP's, or has many operations scattered around the globe. Learn how this global manufacturer built a tailored SaaS accounts payable solution that overcame these circumstances and brought real benefits to operations around the world... Click here to read the full case study.

Integrating AP and e-Procurement for Effective Automation

IntegratingWhen e-procurement initiatives are started in the organization, accounting and procurement need to be clear on lines of authority and how those pertain to the P2P cycle and determine where procurement responsibilities end and accounting/payable responsibilities begin... Click here to read the full case study.