Digital Mailroom

A Supplier-Friendly Approach With No Invoice Left Behind.

Achieve over 99% clean data with Digital Mailroom.

Let Us Handle Your Invoice Digitization Needs.

Create an invoice digitization process that isn’t dependent on suppliers. No vendor onboarding! Minimal Change Management – simply redirect your AP email boxes to DataServ. You keep control, make your suppliers happier, and get a single stream of normalized, digital invoice data guaranteed to be 99%+ accurate! All with little to no change for your suppliers and absolutely NO WORK FOR YOU!

  • DataServ receives all invoices on your behalf, regardless of form or format.
  • Highly AP optimized, SaaS-based intelligent OCR technologies + a 5-point human validation by DataServ = 99+% accuracy in your digital invoice transformation process
  • Received in any format, any source.
  • No software or templates to maintain, and no more manual work on your end!

Digital Mailroom Features

We eliminate manual data entry and ensure you get the full value from your automation investment.

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