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The best AP automation software provides a comprehensive solution to multiple bottlenecks in the accounts payable process. It will standardize your data, help the accounts team understand where invoices are, and ensure that information about payments is transferred and stored correctly.

In order to successfully do this, AP automation software needs to be both flexible and accurate. First, the system needs to reflect your data and work process needs. Then, it needs to return accurate, repeatable results – every time.

With one simple email rule change all of the invoices will immediately flow to DataServ!

DataServ receives all invoices on your behalf, regardless of form or format.​

Clean data is crucial for achieving automation in your digital invoice process. ​

Turnkey service allows you to focus on process improvement rather than implementation/maintenance.​

Intelligent SaaS OCR + human validation by DataServ = 99% plus capture accuracy.

Instantly leverage the learning from millions of invoices per month from many industries over 15 years.

No "teaching" or "learning process"

Highly-optimized for Accounts Payable yields better results compared to general OCR.

No software or templates to maintain, and no manual cleanup work in your AP team!

Digital Mailroom Features

We eliminate manual data entry and ensure you get the full value from your automation investment.

Turnkey Large Scale Document Ingestion

Simply redirect your existing AP email boxes to DataServ. Built-in virus and SPAM protection. Start with one location or division and evolve to the entire enterprise. Global capabilities can process invoices from anywhere, 24x7x365. Intelligent Vendor Capture recognizes senders' email addresses to improve accuracy and reduce vendor not found exceptions.

Data Capture

Emailed invoices are not digital invoices! As the creators of the Invoice Processing Machine (the world’s first SaaS OCR), our invoice data capture capabilities are highly optimized specifically for Accounts Payable. We completely transform the invoices into useful digital data typically within 24 hours. Leverage this machine without any set-up or maintenance - its already running every day, and processing millions of invoices.


Think of the Digital Mailroom as a “universal adaptor”, or the funnel that receives all variety of invoices (and other documents) and transforms them into a standard, optimized format for further processing. Whether received as email with or without PDF attachments (by far the most common), XML, spreadsheets, embedded in the email body, EDI or even paper mail - DataServ automatically converts 100% of your vendor invoices to the best format for data capture accuracy and then user readability.


P.O. invoices are separated from Non-P.O. invoices for additional capture that will feed AutoVouch™. We enrich the captured data with your financial data, determine the match types for vouching purposes. and perfect the images received electronically. Splitting multi-invoice PDF’s into separate invoices, inserting appropriate page breaks and more is automated within DataServ.

Human Validation

Data validation specialists review and correct values captured during the OCR process by matching against the original image and client supplied system data. We use both industry standard and client-tailored validation rules to correct and cleanse invalid data. Elevated human review services are applied until accuracy is optimized - all at no extra charge. This Human in the Loop process increases the effectiveness of all further automation downstream.

Quality Assurance

Our integrated and highly-evolved Quality process has been designed with several feedback loops for the system to learn and improve. Highly-trained experts review the work of our human validation teams. Each new client receives elevated QA until accuracy is optimized - all at no extra charge. This is how DataServ eliminates the typical OCR "learning curve" for all clients.

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Why 60 Percent OCR Accuracy Isn’t Good Enough

Most APIA solution providers offer about 60 percent accuracy for invoice data capture. How does that look in a typical AP department? 

If a single invoice has an average of 6 fields, and the business processes 10,000 invoices per month, that would equal a total of 60,000 OCR fields to scan per month. 

If only 60 percent of the data captured from an AP solution’s optical character recognition is accurate, then about 24,000 of those OCR fields will be inaccurate. 

If an average of 2.4 fields per invoice are inaccurate, every invoice will still have to be checked manually for accuracy before pushing to an ERP. A process that would be more expensive and time-consuming than manually processing invoices in the first place!

DataServ guarantees a single stream of normalized, digital invoice data that is 99%+ accurate delivered directly to your ERP system

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