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DataServ Accounts Payable Invoice Automation Demo

Join us for a fast-paced 36-minute demo with a live Q & A demo as Tony Mattera, Senior Solution Consultant, provides an overview of our platform and reviews capabilities and features.

Our demo includes:

  • Digital Mailroom document intake acts as a “universal adaptor” accepting invoices in any format, document type, shape or size.
  • Invoice Processing Machine is intelligent data capture, verified by us and guaranteed to be 99% accurate
  • Automated Workflow using your existing email to route invoices for coding and/or approval (or “to keep payments flowing”)
  • Best of both worlds digital invoice coding – maintain financial controls while ensuring accuracy and making it easier for users
  • Approval process incorporating your Delegation of Authority, annotations, and mobile device enabled
  • AI-based, touchless invoice processing via automated 2-, 3-, and 4-way matching
  • Exception-based AP process
  • Visibility made easy via Analytic dashboards

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