Increase efficiency and profitability by automating the matching of Purchase Orders, Receiving Data, Invoices, and more.

APIA Solution

The AutoVouch™ Option from DataServ will automate the manual comparison or “vouching” work in your Accounts Payable department. DataServ will receive all of your invoices regardless of form or format through our Digital Mailroom. They are then processed through our proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) OCR based Invoice Processing Machine™ to capture all the necessary data from your invoices at the lowest cost per invoice. This data is then matched to Purchase Order and/or Receiving data and validated using multiple levels of verification including a human review step. All transactions that vouch within your pre-set tolerances flow into your financial systems’ matching routine and are scheduled to be paid. Any exceptions are automatically pushed to your team via workflow queues with email notification to be resolved.

This Option will allow your team to focus on core competencies and knowledge work while reducing manual labor spent keying and matching invoices to system data for every invoice processed.

Why AutoVouch™​ from DataServ?

Invoice Processing Machine

DataServ has created a highly efficient and standard process for all of our clients to fully leverage the benefits of the latest OCR technology and offshore resources. We make it easy for you to gain access to this technology. The large capital and time investment required for you to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology has already been made. By aggregating all clients’ APIA invoice processing to a SaaS, single, optimized “machine” you get immediate benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Increased accuracy of invoice and payment processing

Because most of your invoices will match through the DataServ AutoVouch capability, they will require zero human touch to be paid. Exceptions to the AutoVouch process are pushed to a work queue from which your experts can correct any issues and get those vendors paid…without missing a discount opportunity or due date.

Tailored To Your Process

DataServ will tailor AutoVouch to your unique mix of vendors and invoices including things like quantity and price variances. With AutoVouch, tolerances can be set to allow DataServ to automate transactions that fall within your acceptable range.

Simple Data Interface

By utilizing the simplest possible interface to push data into your financial system or to gather data from your system, DataServ does not require expensive custom integrations to be written. AutoVouch™​ is an Option to the Payables Workflow & Automation Solution Set for APIA.

Let’s Start a Conversation

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