AutoVouch™​: Invoice Processing Software

Take advantage of AI today - automate 3-Way matching

AI for Invoice Matching

The AutoVouch™ Option from DataServ will automate the manual matching or vouching work in your Accounts Payable department! Focus your team of experts on more interesting and rewarding work. Simply redirect your existing AP email address(es) to a dedicated, secure DataServ email system. We will receive all of your invoices regardless of form or format. They are then processed through our proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) OCR Invoice Processing Machine™ – the most advanced in the industry – to capture all the necessary data from your invoices at the lowest cost per invoice. This data is then matched to Purchase Order and/or Receiving data and validated using multiple levels of verification including expert human validation. All transactions that vouch within your pre-set tolerances flow into your financial systems’ matching routine where they reach 100% accuracy and are set to be paid. Any exceptions are automatically pushed to your team via workflow queues with email notification to be resolved.

AutoVouch™ is an Option to the APIA platform. This Option will allow your team to focus on core competencies and knowledge work while reducing manual labor spent keying and matching invoices to system data for every invoice processed.

Why AutoVouch™​ from DataServ?

Invoice Processing Machine

DataServ created this highly optimized and standard process for all of our clients to fully leverage the benefits of the latest SaaS OCR technology and expertise. The benefits of Human Validation, provided by our team. We make it easy for you to gain access to this technology. The large capital and time investment required for you to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology has already been made. Because this multi-tenant SaaS “machine” has been benefiting from years of machine learning you avoid the learning curve and get immediate benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Increased accuracy Prevents Problems downstream

Our unique, integrated Human Validation process, performed by our team – not yours – sets DataServ apart. In addition to the highly optimized upfront capture process, we provide multiple levels of data validation, expert quality assurance and insuring only the cleanest data enters your matching process. Imagine entering inaccurate or incomplete data into your ERP – what would happen? Exceptions to the AutoVouch process are pushed to a work queue from which your experts can correct any issues and get those vendors paid…without missing a discount opportunity or due date.

Exception-based Processing

Unlike other products in the APIA market, DataServ’s AI for matching will only push the exceptions into workflow for your users. Many systems today were designed like your ERP: a human-driven process for deciding what matches and what doesn’t within several screens or even various modules. AutoVouch™ does that work for you and only if it cannot match does it put those transactions in front of your users. Automated workflow then intelligently routes directly to the user or department that can solve the problem and allow the invoice to proceed through the matching process. Humans are best at solving complex problems – allow them to focus on that for a happier more productive team.  

Pre-ERP Matching Process

DataServ employs an upfront capture process – this timing is crucial because some invoices can involve sophisticated and varied matching rules based upon vendor or type of spend. Quite simply, each invoice will be matched as early as possible and retried automatically in the background until it does! For optimal match rates, we provide a robust menu of match sets to address 2 Way, 3 way, and even 4 way matching situations plus many unique variations such as service PO’s to deliver optimal match rates. Most importantly, unlike ERP matching or other APIA products, AutoVouch™ automatically retries in a lights-out process as many times as needed to find a match before pushing to a human or your ERP.  

Tailored To Your Process

DataServ invented Tailoring when we created the first SaaS for AP! It is our way of delivering Best Practices without expensive customization. This Best of Both Worlds approach allows us to meet your unique needs without holding you hostage! With no additional fees, we will Tailor AutoVouch to your unique mix of vendors and invoices including things like Complex Match Types, delayed receipts, part numbers and vendor part numbers, surcharges, price variances, etc. 

Simple Data Interface

DataServ is ERP agnostic, having integrated with over 40 different systems. Data files are typically exchanged on a schedule several times per day to meet your processing requirements. Our Integration Library consists of By utilizing the simplest possible interface to push data into your financial system or to gather data from your system, DataServ does not require expensive custom integrations to be written. 

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