International Invoice Processing Solutions​

Ensure Invoice Approval Success Across A Global Supply Chain​

Build Currency Controls in Your Invoice Approval Process

Organizations of all sizes are expanding their footprints across borders. The success of your company’s global supply chain shouldn’t be impacted by the cost and complexities of receiving and processing international invoices, creating challenges for your Accounts Payable team. With the available International Invoice Processing Solutions and AP automation software by DataServ, you can reduce your financial risk, manage current exchange rates, achieve control and transparency in all transactions, and reduce processing and labor costs.

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Harness the Power of Global Expertise with DataServ

At DataServ, we understand the complexities and challenges involved in managing international invoices. Our comprehensive suite of solutions is tailored for global invoicing, helping you streamline processes, reduce risks, and ensure compliance across borders. We offer robust compliance measures, advanced technology, and dedicated support that keeps your international invoice processing smooth and accurate.

Language Localization Included

Being able to have a full understanding of a user interface is crucial for all users, whether they speak your language or not. With the included Language Localization capability, the DataServ user interface language changes to match the default language used by the browser. Language Localization is available in the following languages:

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DataServ’s International Compliance Package Options

The options we offer with our International Compliance Package are specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of global enterprises. From language localization to international tax capture, our available services ensure you optimize efficiency, enhance transparency, and maintain regulatory compliance across every facet of your invoicing operations.

E-Invoicing Compliance

Businesses buying and selling goods and services around the world must adhere to the fiscal rules and tax regulations of each country when invoicing or face fines and penalties. With an increasingly digital marketplace, e-invoicing mandates provide governments with transparent access to invoice data.

For businesses that work with international suppliers or subsidiaries that are required to participate in e-invoicing, the E-Invoicing Compliance option combined with the Digital Mailroom invoice processing can help keep you compliant – no matter what file type is required. With this option, our Digital Mailroom takes all electronic document types into a single stream with your other paper and digital invoices. Our automated invoice processing workflow offers controls and compliance for all countries meaning you don’t need individual solutions for each country’s different e-invoicing mandates.

Global Approval Matrix

Easily automate the approval process for your international invoices in different currencies with Global Approval Matrix. If your company works across multiple currencies, the Global Approval Matrix option normalizes all invoices to a single standard currency at the beginning of the approval process to prevent any misapplication of the DOA and provide your team with the strongest financial controls on risky international invoices. Through the Digital Mailroom, clients provide the correct currency for each vendor in the Vendor Master then indexed from the invoice document. If the currency is unspecified, it will be routed to a “Currency Not Found” queue. The invoice date is also specified in the Vendor Master data, and DataServ will apply the validation during capture based on the selected format.

In addition to this data capture and validation, the invoice total, tax, freight, surcharge, and invoice subtotal will be captured as it appears on the invoice document. Users will have the ability to select which currencies are visible using an available dropdown field within the invoice’s metadata. Within the Global Approval Matrix, three new metadata fields are available: Conversion Amount, Conversion Date, and Conversion Rate.

Upon document ingestion, the invoice amount is converted once from the original currency into your currency of record.

Touchless Invoice Processing

Eliminate manual tasks, such as invoice matching and comparison processes, and make the most of your PO process by validating invoices with AutoVouch™​ and automatically scheduling for payment.

Invoice Workflow Automation

When you simplify your accounts payable workflow with our software you can reduce processing times with responsive controls, distribute coding without errors; document and enforce your delegation of authority.

Invoice Visibility

Replace mountains of paper invoices with an electronic audit trail. Our AP automation solutions allow you to easily report on the approval workflow history of each document, including approval steps, dates, and comments.


With automated invoice processing, routing, daily email alerts, and AutoVouch™​, approvals operate at maximum efficiency. Our software transfers the burden of coding to the buyer and payment approval teams can rest easy knowing that accuracy is maintained with tools like autofill and predictive coding.

Language Capture

Some of our clients frequently conduct business in languages other than English. With the Language Capture option in the DataServ International Compliance Package, these clients are able to capture critical invoice data without any noticeable difference compared to English documents. The Language Capture option is capable of working with several languages, including:

  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English (default)
  • Spanish
  • Flemish
  • Polish
  • German
  • French (France)
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • French (Canada)
  • Italian
  • Slovak
  • Swedish

Tax Capture

Businesses working globally must keep international tax requirements top of mind. Easily capture tax information from international invoices at the header level through the Tax Capture option. The option can be tailored to capture the necessary tax information at the line level.

International Invoice Compliance FAQs

International invoice compliance poses several challenges, including navigating diverse tax regulations, managing currency conversions, ensuring language localization, and adhering to country-specific invoicing requirements. DataServ’s solutions address these challenges by offering comprehensive tools and support to streamline compliance processes.

At DataServ, we employ tax capture technology that enables businesses to accurately capture and report tax information at both header and line levels of invoices. Our system is customizable to accommodate various international tax requirements, helping businesses stay compliant with local tax regulations across borders.

Yes! Our language capture capabilities enable businesses to process invoices in multiple languages seamlessly. The DataServ system can recognize and extract critical data from invoices in languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, and more, ensuring efficient processing regardless of the language used. 

The DataServ Global Approval Matrix standardizes all invoices to a single currency, minimizing the risk of misapplication of approval limits and enhancing financial controls. Our system automatically converts invoice amounts into the desired currency based on predefined conversion rates, ensuring accuracy and consistency in financial reporting. 

Using our E-Invoicing Compliance option combined with the Digital Mailroom solution, we help businesses comply with e-invoicing mandates in various countries. Our system automatically processes electronic invoices in compliance with local regulations, providing transparency and auditability to meet governmental requirements.

DataServ’s dedicated team monitors global regulatory changes and provides timely updates to our clients to ensure ongoing compliance. We offer expert guidance and support to help businesses navigate evolving regulations and adapt invoicing processes accordingly.

Simplify Your International Invoice Compliance with DataServ

Contact DataServ today to discover how our comprehensive solutions can streamline your international invoicing processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and minimize financial risks.