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Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, American Senior  Communities specializes in living facilities specifically  designed to serve today’s seniors by providing a multitude  of lifestyle choices with integrated services and amenities.  The Accounts Payable team at American Senior  Communities annually processes approximately 130,000  paper invoices and 25,000 electronic invoices. Each of  their 91 geographically diverse locations places orders in  one portal with multiple vendors. The invoices were then  downloaded into an accounting system weekly. American  Senior Communities was experiencing a lack of visibility  into their financial processes. Invoices were not being  turned in on time or were being lost completely. Invoices  were also coded incorrectly by the facilities. American  Senior Communities felt that each of the 155,000-plus  invoices touched too many hands before they were stored  in their document imaging system. 


DataServ had the answer; the solution begins with routing  invoices to DataServ through mail, email, or fax to then be  scanned, imported, and hosted online. The Digital  Mailroom at DataServ captures various data fields using a  powerful SaaS-based OCR Invoice Processing MachineTM,  providing American Senior Communities’ processors early  visibility and tracking of invoices and liabilities. After the  initial data capture is complete, the invoices enter an  automated workflow, where they are coded and routed to  the designated approver. Once approved, the documents  are sent to American Senior Communities’ accounting  system (Great Plains) for payment. 

To meet the client’s needs, DataServ provided the  following capabilities for AP processing: 

  • SaaS OCR data capture from AP invoices 
  • Automated workflow processing  
  • Default invoice coding 
  • Analytics reporting  
  • Management of retention and storage of AP documents


Working with American Senior Communities, DataServ  created and executed a tailored plan as part of the phased  project rollout. American Senior Communities began the  rollout with 6 pilot facilities. After three weeks, with very few  challenges, the pilot was rolled out to half of the 91 communities and, in three months, were fully up and  running across all locations. American Senior Communities  had planned to complete the rollout in 6 months and due to  a seamless pilot and initial rollout, they completed the  transition in half the original time. DataServ provided the  team with comprehensive training on all P2P capabilities to  support this new program. And the DataServ Client  Success team assists whenever employees have issues or  questions.


American Senior Communities was looking for one central  repository for invoices, a uniform automated workflow, and  a state-of-the-art SaaS solution to reduce errors, speed up  invoice processing time, and gain visibility into their AP  

process so they could more efficiently manage the  company’s finances.  

Goals of this project were to:  

  • Decrease late fees 
  • Reduce processing errors  
  • Increase visibility into the payables process 
  • Improve financial controls  

The AP team at American Senior Communities is seeing  faster approval of invoices and the invoices are getting into  the ERP system much quicker. They have been able to  make tailoring tweaks to the new solution to improve  results, as needed, with the help of their client support  representatives at DataServ. The entire startup process  took just three months and ASC did not experience any  downtime.  

Debbie Norris, Sr. Director of Accounts Payable and  Payroll at American Senior Communities, is thrilled with the  results of their partnership with DataServ. “I can only say  how amazing the support team at DataServ has been. I  have worked with a lot of software companies and it’s like  pulling teeth at times to get help or get your cases  resolved. Our cases are being looked at and resolved in a  day or two. That is VERY important to us.”  

Norris credits the DataServ team for their quick response  time and personalized customer service enabling the  successful rollout of the new system. “Our experience has  been positive and when we run into a bump, DataServ  helps resolve it quickly. They aren’t afraid to get upper  management involved when needed, and the team keeps  you posted where things are in terms of a resolution. You  have an account manager that stays with you, this is so important. You need to build a relationship with this person  because they are your partner in crime and are here to  help you. I like knowing I can go to them and know I will get the Gold Star Treatment.”  

Whenever Norris’ employees have a question, she knows  that the solutions and customer service provided by  DataServ is top notch. “They actually get to you quickly,  and a majority of the time, they fix the issue and you don’t  see it happen again. They always find a way to solution  your challenges… you are not dealing with a solution that  you have to put Band-Aids on.” 

DataServ has many other client success stories in the form  of additional case studies and testimonials. A short phone  call or quick email is all it takes to find out more. Call us  today at 877-700-DATA (3282), email us at or visit us at to  get started.

You have an account manager that stays with you, this is so important. You need to build a relationship with this person because they are your partner in crime and are here to help you. I like knowing I can go to them and know I will get the Gold Star Treatment.

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