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DataServ’s Automation Capabilities

Digital Mailroom

Spend less time keying invoice data into systems and/or scrubbing poor data from OCR data capture, eliminating ALL manual data entry and/or clean-up work on your end.


Take less time and remove the manual process of matching invoices to P.Os and receipts without replacing your ERP.


Gain scalability in AP functions to keep up with organic and/or acquired growth with unlimited options for segmenting data to help drive continuous improvement and quickly make better decisions.

Automated Workflow

Achieve high-level visibility into current outstanding liabilities and day-to-day visibility of invoice processing with a simple color-coding system and the ability to add more detailed information.

The Unique Features that Set DataServ Apart from the Competition

Concurrent Licensing

Avoid the expense and inconvenience associated with traditional Named Users or Seat Licenses.

Direct Ship

Streamline your distribution company’s billing process and address the challenge of delayed billing for non-inventoried products.

Payment Request

Adapt to the decreasing use of checks and allow users to request payments without traditional invoices.

Audit Trail

Track document-level activity for all invoices, providing secure access to auditors and reducing the time impact on AP staff.

Ubiquitous Email-Based Automated Workflow

Deliver a daily email notification to users summarizing the invoices requiring coding, approval, or handling exceptions.

Best of Both Worlds Coding

Address the challenge of accurate, efficient coding by pushing coding responsibilities to requesters and buyers while maintaining financial controls.

Sophisticated Automated Workflow

Go beyond traditional work queues with tailorable configurations, out-of-office routing, and timed escalations within a user-friendly interface.

Initial Routing

Reduce manual efforts in determining the appropriate recipient with automated invoice routing based on preset tables.

Automated (Default) Coding

Preset coding on specific invoices and prevent the need for manual coding while maintaining the option for approval verification.

Fraud Detection

Proactively identify potential duplicates during the data capture process and plan enhancements for recognizing patterns indicative of potential fraud.

Pro-Active Accruals

Get instant visibility into invoice statuses as periods approach and enable proactive accrual reporting.

Invoice Price Variance Workflow

Prevent delays in payments due to price variances with a specialized workflow routing to address price exceptions in PO invoices.

Automated Retry within AutoVouch™

Prevent users from working on invoices not ready for matching and avoid unnecessary delays in processing with a featured flexible retry loop.

Paste-able Allocations

Easily copy and paste hundreds of lines into the coding form to accommodate complex non-PO invoices with extensive coding distributions.

Rush Invoice

Ensure that urgent invoices are documented and recorded within the system while bypassing the typical Digital mailroom/IPM process.

Complex Coding Validations

Synchronize with intricate GL structures in any ERP and enhance coding automation and controls to accommodate the layers in complex organizations.

Invoice Processing Machine Within the Digital Mailroom

Locate important fields and provide high-quality match capabilities using the semi-structured forms capture.

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