Case Study: HarmonyCares

Executive Summary

HarmonyCares is a provider of in-home physician services for older adults and those with chronic medical conditions. The company purchased the APIA solution from DataServ including the Digital Mailroom, Invoice Processing Machine, and Automated Workflow. They also required our HIPAA Compliance Package and PeopleSoft Combo Edits.

HarmonyCares was able to quickly separate from their former corporate parent which had a tight deadline. The DataServ QuickStart methodology facilitated this rapid deployment within just a matter of weeks and before their required deadline.

Client: HarmonyCares

Founded in 1993 as USMM, HarmonyCares is the largest provider of in-home physician services for older adults and those with chronic medical conditions. As a family of companies, they have approximately 100 locations across 11 states, including national coverage for specialty programs. No matter where you find them, the HarmonyCares family is dedicated to providing high-quality, coordinated, in-home health care with lower costs, better outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction.

The Challenge

The HarmonyCares team required a rapid deployment due to their temporary services agreement. While they were granted some time by their former parent company, HarmonyCares was required to set up all of their own systems including a new ERP and APIA solution, and time was running out. They needed a solution, and they needed it to be implemented fast.

The Solution

  • QuickStart Solution – DataServ was able to implement all standard automation services within an expedited timeline and tailor our solutions to fulfill HarmonyCares’ unique needs.
  • Digital Mailroom – DataServ receives all invoices on behalf of HarmonyCares, regardless of form or format, using highly AP-optimized, SaaS-based intelligent OCR technologies plus a 5-point human validation by our team for 99%+ accuracy in the digital invoice transformation process.
  • Invoice Processing Machine – Reduced processing times with responsive controls, and distributed coding without errors to document and enforce the delegation of authority.
  • Automated Workflow Processing – All non-PO invoices are routed to the appropriate stakeholders for coding automatically through an approval matrix. By breaking this into phases, or “bite-sized” chunks, we were able to make the deadline. QuickStart allowed HarmonyCares to get a system in place with all the benefits they needed with the ability to add larger, more complex options and features later.
  • HIPAA Compliance Package – Due to the nature of working with sensitive patient information, we implemented our HIPAA Compliance Package in a later phase to ensure their automation processes kept all of the private information compliant per HIPAA regulations.
  • PeopleSoft Combo Edits – After QuickStart initialization, DataServ was able to tailor the AP automation solution to work with their PeopleSoft ERP that was already in-place to create a seamless workflow.
  • User Training – Included in the QuickStart program, HarmonyCares team members received user training on initialization and throughout the tailoring process. Additional DataServ user training has also been made available for their team to use at anytime as more options are initialized moving forward.

The Result

DataServ was able to Initialize the accounts payable invoice automation (APIA) solution in a matter of weeks, exceeding their tight deadline requirement. During HarmonyCare’s rebranding and processing changes, we were able to help them eliminate manual tasks to automate their workflow and tailor the solution to fit their unique needs with such services as the HIPAA Compliance Package and PeopleSoft Combo Edits.

  • HarmonyCares avoided significant financial penalties associated with violating their Transition Services Agreement (TSA)
  • As a health care services provider, most of the AP invoices HarmonyCares processes are for services that can be easily disrupted if invoices are not paid on time and accurately.  Those services are essential to their patient’s satisfaction and quality of care. We’ve helped keep them accurate and timely.
  • The reduced scope of QuickStart allowed their IT team time to finish their new ERP implementation project on time (same deadline and many resources overlapped).

Tim C. at HarmonyCares went out of his way to write and thank us for making their tight deadline. Also, in regards to the DataServ Solution Consultant responsible for Harmony Cares’ Tailoring, Tim added:  “…beyond the Go Live date he is providing excellent Customer Service!”

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