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How our Accounts Payable Automation Software Works

How Our AP Automation Software Is Different​

Document Capture

100% Digital Single Stream Solution

Simply Redirect your existing AP Email box(es) to take advantage of our Intelligent SaaS OCR with Human Validation that delivers over 99% clean and useable data to your ERP.  Why spend valuable time training an AI bot when you can leverage over 30 years of capture expertise which is constantly learning from millions of invoices each month?  

  • DataServ receives invoices and supporting documents from all of your vendors on your behalf
  • SaaS OCR + Human Validation all done by our team = over 99% accuracy
  • Rapid Turnaround 
  • Received in any format
  • Received from any source
  • No templates to set up
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) with no “training time” or learning curve
  • No maintenance tasks on your end
  • Our Optimization process will help you increase your success rate and really understand how this all works “behind the scenes”

Invoice Automation

Tailored Automation Service and Support

Founded in 1994 as the first SaaS company for AP automation, we have systematically developed innovative processes and technology to eliminate human interaction with complex invoice transactions. DataServ’s tailored AP invoice automation reduces invoice processing costs, frees staff time, improves financial controls, mitigates invoice fraud, and streamlines exception and approval processes.

ROI Estimator

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Our Analytics and Dashboards

Instant Insight into Your Organization’s Historical Trends

Visibility into your financial liabilities, giving you the power to make better and faster decisions.

  • Highly intuitive – easily modify filters or create custom dashboards
  • Built-in standard dashboards – to get you started quickly
  • Permission-based access
  • One-click share – share with other users with access, export entire dashboard to PDFs, and download or print certain elements
  • Vastly customizable – virtually unlimited options for segmenting data
    • Modify filters
    • Add more filters
    • Include/exclude data points
    • Change the chart type

You’re in Good Company

70% of DataServ clients have been with us 10+ years.

Comprehensive Integrated Solution

We built just what you need!

Unlike most products in the APIA market that were bolted together from acquisitions or migrated to cloud, DataServ was built from the ground up as a Multi-tenant SaaS platform with client success in mind! Ongoing client support and training are included.

This is not a one-time purchase. You cannot “set-it and forget-it”! We designed DataServ from the start to be more economically aligned with your needs. 

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Reduce Risk and Increase Transparency

DataServ’s Accounts Payable process can reduce your cost of compliance with automatic currency conversion and built-in controls for all countries.

Global Approval Matrix

DataServ documents delegation of authority, and automatically converts thresholds across any form of currency. Our software can convert any currency, using the real-time exchange rate to simplify approvals and ensure accuracy.

Global eInvoicing Mandates

Accounts payable invoice automation will help you keep compliant with eInvoicing initiatives around the globe – no matter the country or technical requirements.

Vendor Portal Options

Vendor Inquiry

Offer secure access directly to your vendors who are inquiring about payment reconciliation, status, or invoice issue resolution.

Vendor Setup

Grant accounts payable employees and vendors the ability to facilitate the collection of data for new vendor onboarding, upload critical documentation, and make key information updates with a set approval process for control.

Check Request

Our software solution allows your employees to request payment on demand when invoices or credit cards just aren’t feasible.

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