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A significant number of manufacturing companies rely on our expertise in accounts payable automation, making use of our solutions to streamline their financial operations.

Overcoming AP Challenges in Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing demands sophisticated processes to handle global supply chain issues, raw materials, MRO, and non-inventory liabilities.

This process can include manually keying supplier invoices into your system or quality-checking scanned invoices to ensure correctness. And, of course, invoice matching line by line to purchase orders and receipts.

These accounts payable processes keep cash flowing but create a cumbersome process that takes too much time. It’s also fraught with the potential for human error along the way.

Sound familiar?

AP Automation: An Evolutionary vs Revolutionary Approach

Choosing the best AP automation solution for your business can be confusing. And it’s not necessarily a frequent investment. That’s why we begin our services pre-sale to help you understand your options and make the best possible recommendation for where you are today.

We believe it’s in a company’s best interest to take an evolutionary approach vs. a revolutionary one. Depending on your size, complexity, and current state, we’ll recommend the best path forward which may mean starting smaller and upgrading over time. DataServ has constructed our product portfolio for companies that need to approach AP automation one step at a time. Regardless of where you are on the evolutionary curve of automation, we can meet you there and help you improve long-term results. 

Turn 90% of your P.O.-based transactions into ones you never have to touch again. Imagine what else you could achieve if given all that time back.

Tailored AP Automation Solutions For Manufacturers​

Standard Solution: Your Gateway to AP Automation

Whether your company is stepping into AP Automation for the first time, or your current automation solution isn’t performing as expected. In either case, you may benefit from starting with our Standard Solution.

Digital Mailroom

Receives supplier invoices in multiple ways and converts them all to a normalized single stream of digital invoice data for automation. Ensuring you have 99%+ accurate invoice data!

Automated Workflow

Automate the routing, coding, approval, and communications processes for your AP team and approvers across the enterprise.


Arm your team with the ability to quickly and easily identify what is working well and where you may want to focus time and energy to achieve your continuous improvement goals.

Advanced Solution: Maximizing ROI with P.O. Integrations

If your company has an established, disciplined use of P.O.s for financial controls or are aspiring to drive more of your transactions through a P.O. process, turn up your ROI by stepping up to our Advanced Solution that includes everything in our Standard solution plus options such as AutoVouch™ and Vendor Inquiry.


Our intelligent 2, 3, and 4- way matching capability processes up to 80%+ of your P.O.-based transactions in a truly touchless way saving tremendous amounts of time and money!

Vendor Inquiry

Through a password-protected, self-service website, your vendors can access invoice information and status. This self-service approach will greatly decrease the time your staff spends answering phone calls, searching for information, and returning phone messages and emails.

Enterprise Solution: For Global Scale & Complexity

For larger organizations, we recommend our Enterprise solution that includes everything in our Standard and Advanced solutions in addition to add-on capabilities that larger global entities often find value in.

Global Approval Matrix

Allows you to set up currency controls in your invoice approval process. By configuring a “currency of record” for your approval matrix in advance, you have the right approvals for invoices in any currency, even when exchange rates change.

Language Localization

With over 30,000 users in more than 45 countries, the simple DataServ user interface can adapt to the language of the local user's browser.

International Invoice Capture

Every company is global today. Our ingestion and data capture processes are highly evolved, recognizing invoices in many popular business languages. The list of languages is always expanding, and we continue to evolve to serve our global clients.

Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency with AP Automation

Manufacturing supply chain management is notoriously complex with several moving parts, dependencies, and potential disruptions. Each stage of the manufacturing process presents unique challenges that can impact efficiency and profitability, from raw material procurement to production scheduling, inventory management, and distribution. However, the real complexity arises from the interconnectedness of these stages and the reliance on external suppliers and partners. 

Manufacturers often face a wealth of supply chain issues, including fluctuating demand, supplier delays, quality control issues, transportation constraints, geopolitical risks, and regulatory compliance challenges. These factors can lead to inventory imbalances, production bottlenecks, increased lead times, and ultimately, customer dissatisfaction. 

Effective supply chain management helps manufacturers navigate these challenges to maintain a competitive edge. However, it requires rigorous planning, coordination, and execution across multiple functions and stakeholders. Utilizing manual processes and disparate systems ends up hindering visibility, collaboration, and decision-making, resulting in difficulties in proactively identifying and mitigating risks.

The Role of AP Automation in Manufacturing

Manufacturing accounts payable automation is vital in streamlining supply chain management for manufacturers. By digitizing and automating invoice processing, payment workflows, and vendor management, AP automation offers several benefits that directly address the complexities of manufacturing supply chains:

Enhanced Visibility

AP automation provides real-time visibility into invoice status, payment cycles, and vendor performance. Manufacturers can track orders, monitor inventory levels, and identify potential disruptions more effectively, enabling proactive decision-making and risk mitigation.

Improved Efficiency

Manual data entry and invoice processing is time-consuming and error-prone, leading to delays, discrepancies, and inefficiencies. AP automation streamlines invoice capture, data entry, approval workflows, and payment processing, reducing cycle times and freeing up valuable resources for strategic tasks.

Cost Savings

AP Automation shouldn’t mean more work for your team - many providers expect you to rollout and train your users on their system. DataServ includes User Adoption, Change Management, Rollout assistance, Initial and Ongoing Training and 3 Tiers of direct User Support for all clients.

Compliance and Control

Manufacturing companies must comply with various regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies related to procurement and payments. AP automation enforces consistent processes, controls, and audit trails, ensuring compliance with regulations and minimizing the risk of fraud or errors.

Scalability and Flexibility

As manufacturing operations evolve and grow, AP automation scales to accommodate increased transaction volumes, additional suppliers, and changing business requirements. Cloud-based solutions offer flexibility and accessibility, allowing stakeholders to access critical information anytime, anywhere.

Achieving Success with DataServ

There’s no question that supply chain issues in manufacturing require rigorous management and proactive solutions. At DataServ, we recognized the challenges and high failure rates of traditional AP automation software “Implementation” projects that rely on expensive consultants and hourly billing. So we came up with a better way: our Initialization process combines 80% standard process, common to all Accounts Payable (AP) functions, with 20% configuration to fit the unique needs of your business, all included in a fixed fee. We call this Tailoring. In the process, we created something rare in the software business – economic alignment! 

After the system is Tailored, we provide our unique Hypercare support followed by 30-60-90 transition services. Additionally, you get a dedicated Client Success Account Manager and a 3-tiered Support team to provide day-to-day user and technical support to help you reach your AP Automation goals. Our manufacturing accounts payable automation solutions empower manufacturers to streamline invoice processing, optimize cash flow, and strengthen supplier relationships to drive efficiency, agility, and competitiveness in a dynamic marketplace.

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