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conquer invoice matching with aP automation.

Is your AP team overworked and overwhelmed?

Modern manufacturing demands sophisticated processes to handle global supply chain issues, raw materials, MRO, and non-inventory liabilities.

This process can include manually keying invoices into your system or quality-checking scanned invoices to ensure correctness. And, of course, invoice matching line by line to purchase orders and receipts.

These processes keep cash flowing but create a cumbersome process that takes too much time. It’s also fraught with the potential for human error along the way.

Sound familiar?

Recommended Products for Manufacturers

Choosing the best AP solution for your business can be confusing. And it’s not necessarily a frequent investment. That’s why we begin our services pre-sale to help you understand your options and make the best possible recommendation for where you are today.

We believe it’s in a company’s best interest to take an evolutionary approach vs. a revolutionary one. Depending on your size, complexity, and current state, we’ll recommend the best path forward which may mean starting smaller and upgrading over time. DataServ has constructed our product portfolio for companies that need to approach AP automation one step at a time. Regardless of where you are on the evolutionary curve of automation, we can meet you there and help you improve long-term results. 

Our Advanced & Enterprise Solutions offer the AutoVouch Capability, a Pre-ERP AI-powered 2-, 3- or 4-way matching automation for P.O.-based transactions. Turn 90% of these transactions into ones you never have to touch again. Imagine what else you could achieve if given all that time back.


Whether your company is stepping into AP Automation for the first time, or your current automation solution isn’t performing as expected. In either case, you may benefit from starting with our Standard Solution.


If your company has an established, disciplined use of P.O.s for financial controls or are aspiring to drive more of your transactions through a P.O. process, turn up your ROI by stepping up to our Advanced Solution that includes everything in our Standard solution plus options such as AutoVouch™ and Vendor Inquiry.


For larger organizations, we recommend our Enterprise solution that includes everything in our Standard and Advanced solutions in addition to add on capabilities that larger global entities often find value in.

RESULTS – What to Expect When You Work With DataServ

At DataServ, we recognized the challenges and high failure rates of traditional software “Implementation” projects that rely on expensive consultants and hourly billing. So we came up with a better way: our Initialization process combines 80% standard process, common to all Accounts Payable (AP) functions, with 20% configuration to fit the unique needs of your business, all included in a fixed fee. We call this Tailoring. In the process, we created something rare in the software business – economic alignment! 

After the system is Tailored, we provide our unique Hypercare support followed by 30-60-90 transition services. Additionally, you get a dedicated Client Success Account Manager and a 3-tiered Support team to provide day-to-day user and technical support to help you reach your AP Automation goals.

Common Steps to Initialization

Our fixed fee, satisfaction-guaranteed Initialization process not only sets us apart from the competition, but it's just the beginning of our fanatical commitment to client success, which is evident in the fact that over 70% of our clients have partnered with us for more than 10 years.

Sign a simple 2-page, non-binding Letter of Intent to get into the Initialization planning lineup.

Then, continue to work with DataServ Sales & Legal representatives to finalize all terms and conditions of a Master Services Agreement while planning for the Initialization.

Meeting to review and confirm all solution specifications and option selections.

Internal DataServ meeting for Sales to transfer knowledge of accounts, personnel, and solution to DataServ Solution Delivery teams.

Client meeting to introduce DataServ Solution Delivery personnel and finalize Initialization plan.

Client meeting to review technical integration details with proper IT resources.

Implement the basic QuickStart portion of the solution to begin receiving invoices in Digital Mailroom and getting them into the DataServ solution.

Work with your internal teams to ensure proper training and user testing is conducted.

Final initialization of your DataServ solution!

Transition to Client Success and begin HyperCare to monitor system performance, optimize any identified issues, and continue user adoption training and support.

Manufacturers Already Automating With DataServ

Imagine your back office AP processes are as automated as your production lines.