Vendor Portals

Efficiently Manage Your Vendor and Supplier Relationships in One Place

Streamline Vendor Management with DataServ – No Onboarding Required

The Vendor Portal is an integrated platform enabling your organization to manage vendor and third-party supplier relationships efficiently in one place. It offers a secure, collaborative environment where your vendors have convenient access to manage important information related to their products or services, such as orders, invoices and payment details, as well as access to fields such as vendor number, date, vendor invoice number, and more.The Vendor Portal also reduces the time your team spends answering vendor questions, as well as the time it takes to setup the ERP and verify vendors are real.

With DataServ, we help navigate the intricacies of vendor portals, offering the ability to maintain, grow, or improve your vendor relationships while enforcing your organization’s security policies. The DataServ difference? There are no painful onboarding processes required. Our solution works with your vendor’s existing system, allowing them to look up invoices without being forced into complying with your workflow.

Achieving Vendor Portal Success with DataServ

Because of our focus on making processes better, DataServ’s Vendor Portal offers more than the standard solutions available elsewhere. A Vendor Portal should serve your company’s needs, and do it as efficiently as possible. Here’s how we make sure that happens:

Seamless Transitioning

Incorporating any new technologies or programs can often cause enough turmoil to keep your processes in the dark ages. However, because DataServ provides a hosted portal, there is very little time required from your staff to enable and maintain the Portal. There’s also no need to worry about vendor onboarding because with the Vendor Portal by DataServ, there is NO vendor onboarding required. The solution easily works with whatever workflow your vendor follows, eliminating frustration on both sides.

Localized Language Options

For businesses that work on a global scale, it’s necessary to offer users a full understanding of the user interface in their own spoken language. With DataServ’s Language Localization capability, the user interface language will change to match the default language used by the browser. Language Localization is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French (France), French (Canada), Italian and other character-based languages as needed.

24/7 Vendor Access

Save your team valuable time from having to answer invoice and payment questions and maintain quality customer service. The Vendor Portal offers vendors access 24/7 to independently look up an invoice or payment in question, providing the answers they want and need with no response time needed.

Workflow Transparency

Transparency in every step of the workflow process is essential. With Vendor Portal, you receive unparalleled insight into your transactions for full visibility into submission statuses. From invoice processing to payment tracking, Vendor Portal enables you to stay informed and empowered during audits and when making financial decisions, as well as creating more trustworthiness between you and your vendors.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to your success goes beyond implementation. With DataServ, you receive ongoing support to keep your experience seamless and productive, whether you encounter technical issues, need assistance navigating the portal, or require customized solutions. Our dedicated support team is here to provide prompt, reliable assistance so you can rest assured your needs are being met and your organization is confidently maximizing the value of our Vendor Portal solution.

Consistent & Separate User Interface

The Vendor Portal utilizes the same interface as the accounts payable team, synchronizing the two, making it easy to use and understand for vendors. While the interface looks and works the same, your internal team has access to more functionality, status updates, and notes fields than what shows for vendors, ensuring vendors only see what you need them to.

DataServ Vendor Portal Options ​

Want even more functionality?

Select from our Vendor Portal options that work best for your business: Vendor Inquiry, Vendor Setup, or both.

Vendor Inquiry

This optional add-on to the DataServ Vendor Portal provides a more efficient way of handling vendor service and support activities through a password-protected, self-service portal, including routine inquiries regarding payment status or issue resolution. This approach will greatly reduce the amount of time spent answering phone calls, searching for information, and returning messages and emails. Vendor Inquiry gives vendors the ability to find their own answers, allowing your team to focus on core competencies and knowledge work. 

All DataServ solution documentation is the same that is presented to vendors in Vendor Inquiry, eliminating system redundancy or confusion across the APIA process. Whether the vendor calls or searches the portal, they will receive the same information. 

Vendor Data Management

Implementing the Vendor Data Management capability offers a simple, common-sense user interface to efficiently request the setup of a new vendor. The interface works from anywhere, including mobile devices, and uses an automated workflow based on defined rules, ensuring control and guaranteed consistent vendor master data. With this solution, you receive increased visibility into the entire vendor approval process:

  • Allow employees to submit new vendor requests and/or record edit information via the internet without using expensive ERP licenses or routing paper to the purchasing department for data entry.
  • Present requestors with only the appropriate vendor naming conventions for assured compliance with your ERP standards.
  • Restrict user entry to the appropriate cost centers and accounts for great financial control while making it easier for the users.

Vendor Data Management uses a standard DataServ web form to collect appropriate vendor data from employees, tailored for your unique process. This form is secure, available anywhere with internet access, and only requires a browser to complete. Form data is captured and automatically transferred into your ERP or financial system for an easy-to-use, simple solution.

Vendor Portal FAQs

Our Vendor Portal is an intuitive, web-based platform that allows vendors to interact with the DataServ system for various purposes including invoice submission, payment status tracking, and communicating with your team.

The Vendor Portal provides vendors with transparency and convenience by offering real-time visibility into invoice processing, payment statuses, and communication with DataServ, streamlining the vendor management process.

Yes! The Vendor Portal is built with robust security measures to safeguard sensitive data and transactions. We employ encryption protocols and regularly update security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

Yes! Vendor Portal is accessible from any internet-enabled device with browser access, allowing vendors to conveniently manage their transactions and communicate on the go.

Unlock the Power of Seamless Vendor Management with DataServ’s Vendor Portal

Experience real transparency, efficiency, and convenience in managing your vendor transactions. Utilize DataServ’s Vendor Portal and take your organization’s vendor management experience to the next level.