Accounts Payable Automation Case Study

The Short Story

White-Rodgers selected DataServ to provide Digital Mailroom, capture, workflow and management of its Accounts Payable documents.

The Challenge

For White-Rodgers, a global company that manufactures and markets hundreds of products, it became increasingly difficult to manage its accounts payable process. In addition to invoices being lost or going unpaid, the tax audit process was excessively time-consuming and resource-intensive.

The DataServ Solution

DataServ analyzed White-Rodgers’ payables process and recommended a solution based on electronic workflow. From there, a process was designed whereby receipt of the mailed paper invoices would be handled by DataServ personnel, and sophisticated mail prep and scanning procedures were implemented. Once its documents were scanned, White-Rodgers gained the ability to access the images quickly and securely, and route invoices for approval to managers regardless of global location. White Rodgers continues to experience lower financial operating costs as well as improved and timelier access to important information.

The Results

Since implementing the DataServ solution, the company has realized substantial gains in productivity and manageability of its payables processes. Tax audits are significantly easier. This results from documents at every stage of the AP process being available within seconds regardless of the time period. According to Joe Zulich, manager of accounting operations at White-Rodgers, “The  DataServ solution has provided approximately 30% gains in efficiency in the departments where it’s been implemented. A large part of that can be attributed to our newfound ability to route documents around our company via email for approvals and analysis. We now have metrics we can use to monitor our productivity, which is something we never had before. In the end, this solution has resulted in fewer lost invoices and a better-managed document process.” As a testament to the success of this project, White-Rodgers is expanding its contract with DataServ to include its peso-based invoices in Mexico.

"The DataServ solution has provided approximately 30% gains in efficiency in the departments where it’s been implemented."

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