Our Why

Software Should Simply Deliver Results So You Can Focus on What is Most Important

Core Values

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Commitment: The 10-Year Rule

Our foundation is built on lasting, loyal relationships that can only happen when we strive for your complete satisfaction with our services.

Innovation: Evolution vs. Revolution

We believe in rapid iteration. From our Agile Development process to our proprietary Initialization with Tailoring, Best Practices and Change Management built in - we get better every day. You get more value with less pain and no drama!

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Collaboration Using Best Practices

Best Practices don't come from a book- they are hard-earned through real-world experience. Listening to clients leads to better software - collaborating with them improves everyone's process.

Accountability: We Deliver

With our Fixed Fee Initialization we take ownership of your AP Automation project goals, provide dedicated Success Managers, Solution Consultants and the best support in the industry. Thus ensuring your results and eliminating risk.

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Simplicity: Powerfully Simple

We take pride in simplifying complex processes, making our system better, increasing adoption and focusing on process improvement. Software should work for people - not the other way around.

Transparent Nonpartisan Meritocracy

We actively nurture a transparent and collaborative environment, emphasizing merit-based growth and skill development among our employees.

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Having Fun, Being Creative while Getting it Done

In our work environment, we value passion, creativity, and enjoyment, fostering a friendly, efficient atmosphere focused on you.

Why DataServ?

We will meet you where you are:
Choose an approach that eases into a solution without disrupting current work

Most AP solution providers don’t allow you to add technology to your AP processing as your company evolves. They prefer to sell their software as a “one size fits all” package or as a custom solution.

DataServ, by contrast, supports the “bite-sized” evolutionary approach. You can start with our Standard Solution and gradually evolve into more accounts payable process improvements and automation at your own pace. All our solutions integrate seamlessly, but they also work independently. 

For example: 

  • Start by centralizing AP invoice receipt, digitizing all documents and eliminating manual data entry time, labor and costs.

Or, if it makes more sense: 

  • Roll out a scaled-down AP automation solution for a single division or location to work through the Change Management and show a quick win before rolling out company-wide. 

Start with one process:

  • Such as capturing and routing all your Non-PO invoices for Coding and Approval via a simple desktop or mobile browser-based interface.

Let’s Start a Conversation

Regardless of where you are at in your AP automation journey, DataServ will meet you there and help you evolve.