Intelligent Vendor Capture

A Powerful AI Algorithm for Ensuring Clean Vendor Data

Match Sending Email Addresses with Client-Specific Vendor Master Data

Welcome to the future of streamlined invoice processing with DataServ’s Intelligent Vendor Capture capability. As a seamless integration with the Digital Mailroom, we’ve revolutionized how your organization handles vendor invoicing.

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An Effective AP Automation Solution that Captures the Most Crucial Data

Without accurate data – like your vendor number – any AP automation you put in place is significantly less effective! It’s a little-known fact that Vendors do not put your vendor number on their invoices, and yet most AP automation solutions do not address this. Most automation breaks down here and pushes the responsibility for capturing this most crucial data element on your AP team. Well, not anymore! 

Intelligent AI Checks and Collects Information Every Minute

Using a powerful learning algorithm across very large data sets, Intelligent Vendor Capture collects and associates data transmitted from tens of thousands of vendors with client-specific Vendor Master data collected from their ERP. Using artificial intelligence (AI), it recognizes the vendor and consolidates the information. The AI then intelligently queries that information every minute and checks against it to automatically input the correct information. The collective database leverages the commonality of vendors’ systems to link the sending email addresses to your specific vendors, navigating the intricacies of vendor data to apply vendor name and ID information to incoming invoices before they go through OCR processing.

Stay Focused on What Matters Most for Your Business – Not the Manual Processes

The best part about this Capability is that is included in every DataServ solution – at no extra charge and without any additional effort on your part Transform your AP automation experience with DataServ. Focus on Continuous Process Improvement instead of vendor selection or manual data entry with Intelligent Vendor Capture.

Not All Vendors Are Created Equal: Why Use DataServ’s Intelligent Vendor Capture

No Enrollment, Not Proprietary, and No Vendor Onboarding

Most businesses try to stick with a list of preferred vendors and want those vendors to be as easy to work with as possible. Vendors will do things their way, creating inconsistent compliance that costs your business time and resources. With DataServ’s AP automation, you instantly get the advantage of the Intelligent Vendor Capture capability, with no enrollment, vendor training, or onboarding necessary. Plus, the system is non-proprietary, giving your organization more freedom and flexibility.

Remarkable Consistency

While it’s not 100% accurate, it offers remarkable consistency because vendors don’t change their sending email addresses often. The system provides a dependable, efficient means of streamlining the invoice processing pipeline while practically eliminating vendor selection processes within your team and the risk caused by unreliable vendor identification.

Reduce Manual QA and Payment Concerns

Empower your organization to automate and streamline the invoice processing workflow by leveraging a collective global database of vendor email addresses matched with client-specific Vendor Master data. This automated approach reduces the need for manual quality assurance, eliminating incorrect data concerns and enhancing overall efficiency.

Reduce Exception Handling

Our advanced algorithm identifies and associates vendor email addresses with client-specific data, it also preemptively applies vendor name and ID information to incoming invoices and addresses potential discrepancies to significantly reduce exceptions before they reach the OCR stage. This results in a smoother, more reliable invoice processing experience, reducing the workload on exception handlers for a more efficient invoice process.

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