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Drowning in invoices?

In the Distribution industry, AP is more important because your vendors are your product lifeline. 
What would you sell without them? The relationship between you and your suppliers is more valuable than any other industry.

The Distribution partner with the best payables process can win more favorable terms, the latest product innovations, key territories, priority shipping, among other advantages.

Recommended Products for Wholesalers & Distributors

Our platform is purpose-built to allow for Tailoring, ensuring our services fit your unique needs, always at an inclusive price. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we don’t create expensive custom suits. Instead, we make small adjustments, like shortening the sleeves and pants, to better suit you.

Advanced APIA

DataServ’s Advanced Solution rapidly connects AP invoice data to your ERP to feed the “receipts” portion of the system, triggering rapid AR invoice creation.

This allows you to:

Eliminate manual keying for AR to direct ship entry

Decrease time to bill the client — shorten DSO times

Consolidate business processes for efficiency

Reduce paper / email routing between AP and AR

What to Expect When You Work With DataServ

At DataServ, we recognized the challenges and high failure rates of traditional “Implementation” projects that rely on expensive consultants and hourly billing. In response, we developed a more effective approach: our Initialization process combines 80% standard procedures, common to all Accounts Payable (AP) processes, with 20% customization to match the unique needs of your business, all included in a flat fee. This approach ensures we are fully committed to your success and economically aligned with your best interests.

After the system is tailored and running smoothly, we provide Hypercare support and a 30-60-90 transition service. Additionally, DataServ assigns an ongoing Client Success Account Manager and a 3-tiered support team to provide day-to-day user and technical support, all working towards helping you achieve your goals for continuous improvement on a year-over-year basis.

Common Steps to Initialization

Our fixed fee, satisfaction-guaranteed Initialization process not only sets us apart from the competition, but it's just the beginning of our fanatical commitment to client success, which is evident in the fact that over 70% of our clients have partnered with us for more than 10 years.

Sign a simple 2-page, non-binding Letter of Intent to get into the Initialization planning lineup.

Then, continue to work with DataServ Sales & Legal representatives to finalize all terms and conditions of a Master Services Agreement while commencing our Initialization process using our QuickStart Methodology.

Meeting to review and confirm all solution specifications and option selections. This is like getting measured by your tailor – to make things fit you and your organization better.

Internal DataServ meeting for Sales to inform and align our team with your specific goals and requirements.

A meeting with decision makers of the combined teams to lay out the Initialization project using our proprietary SaaS methodology.

Client meeting to share standard data interface file structures, transfer protocols and schedules, review security procedures, answer any IT questions, set a schedule, etc.

Introduce the Standard portion of the solution to begin receiving invoices in Digital Mailroom, then Tailor to your unique business needs with Best Practices advice and Change Management.

The combined team works together to validate that all processes and Tailoring as well as data interfaces are tested and stable. When complete, we will begin delivering comprehensive, multi-format user training.

The fully tested, Tailored solution will be rolled out to your users in the most appropriate way as determined by the combined team.

Transition to Client Success and Support begins with HyperCare- our intense, two week, daily performance review.

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AP Automation built specifically for your Distribution Business.

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