AP Automation with ERP Integration

Create a Seamless, Reliable Connection Between Your AP Solution and ERP System

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Either It Integrates with Your ERP, or It Doesn’t Work at All

At DataServ, we understand that the integration of all of your accounting tools with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is crucial—they either work with your ERP, or they don’t work at all. Our cloud integration experience provides a seamless and reliable connection to your systems and has been tested and proven across multiple industries, continents, and platforms since our inception in 1994.

Utilizing AP automation and seamless ERP integration delivers the best of both worlds for your organization. Your ERP system manages your wider business needs, while your AP automation software removes or reduces manual human intervention typically required by that ERP. When your organization is already using a management system like an ERP, your AP automation solution can only save you time and effort if it can deliver reliable ERP integration.

Why Choose DataServ to Extend Your ERP’s Functionality?

AP Automation Software and ERP Integration Experience

DataServ’s SaaS platform has successfully integrated with numerous business systems, from ERPs to MRPs, Financial Management, and Email, both in software and cloud environments. Our extensive Integration Library, compiled over years of experience, enables us to match up to your version and generation of AP automation software, ensuring a low total cost of ownership and minimal ongoing maintenance.

Diverse ERP System Integration Expertise​

In addition to our deep experience with popular systems like Oracle, SAP, and JD Edwards, our expertise extends to industry-specific ERP systems, including PDI, EBS, Cullinet, and Prophet 21. We cover a wide array of systems, providing you with a comprehensive integration solution. Choose an AP automation company that has managed ERP integration with products like:


Oracle Cloud

Oracle iExpense

JD Edwards





MS Dynamics 365 (BP)

MS Dynamics GP

MS Dynamics AX

MS Dynamics













Fourth Shift






Prophet 21

and more...

These Finance, ERP, MRPs, and other software products provide broad frameworks to support your business processes, but their contracts often do not provide a very high level of service. At Dataserv, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive user support services. We’ll not only tailor your AP automation to best match your ERP environment, but we’ll also ensure that the solution we put in place together will provide ongoing value for a long time to come. Our unique Integration Library approach will provide your IT team with a head start that can significantly reduce the integration investment on your side.

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As an Oracle GOLD Certified Partner, we are committed to delivering peace of mind for your organization with solutions backed by robust industry knowledge and years of experience. Choose DataServ knowing you will get a robust integration that works for you.

What to Expect from a Standardized Data Interface Format

DataServ will provide your IT team with a standardized data interface format designed to be easily configured, very supportable, and tailored to meet the specific data exchange requirements of your solution. This typically involves:

Automated Scheduled Secure Data Transfers

We facilitate automated scheduled secure data transfers through sFTP or API, ensuring the smooth flow of information between your systems and DataServ. Transfers are scheduled around your processes.

Uploading Data to Your ERP

Our standard solution includes the return of clean, matched/vouched invoice data mapped to populate your ERP, streamlining processes, and enhancing data quality while reducing costs and improving processing speed, reconciliation, and exception reporting.

Consistent and Secure Data Transfers

Our lowest common denominator approach ensures stable data transfers, unaffected by ERP upgrades and changes, requiring minimal ongoing maintenance. sFTP is encrypted and requires no access to your infrastructure or environment.

Hassle-Free Management

Your accounts payable process relies on accurate and timely invoice data. DataServ takes full responsibility for the support of your scheduled bi-directional data transfers. Our operations experts monitor and manage connections as well as file contents for completeness around the clock, ensuring smooth and consistent performance.

Eliminate the Need for Ongoing IT Resources

Getting the most out of AP Automation software requires specialized technical knowledge, but you can leave that to us. We manage the software functionality on our end, including upgrades, patches and maintenance - meaning if you encounter an issue, we’re already on it. Our remote team can easily identify, remedy, and communicate as necessary, saving your internal IT team time.

Easy Access to Document Images from Within Your ERP System

Many clients find our Image Retrieval Integration particularly attractive, as it does not incur additional user licenses. This feature involves a simple URL embedded into your ERP system, providing instant access to a document or related documents with just a single click from common screens that your users work from. The web-native integration works seamlessly across any system that supports embedded links.

ERP Integration FAQs

Accounts Payable is a critical function of financial management where businesses manage their outgoing payments and obligations to suppliers, vendors, and creditors. In an ERP system, the AP process typically involves various steps such as invoice processing,, payment execution, vendor management, reconciliation, and reporting. ERP software streamlines these processes by centralizing data, interconnecting departments, providing visibility into financial transactions, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The AP process within ERP helps businesses effectively manage their financial commitments, optimize cash flow, and maintain accurate records of expenditures.

While this may seem like a really basic question, there is still confusion about where one starts and the other ends. The main difference between an ERP system and APIA software lies in their scope and functionality within the business environment.

DataServ is not a replacement for the AP modules in your financial system but rather a “pre-ERP” automation platform that will provide earlier and greater visibility, reductions in manual human interactions with your ERP and, most importantly, focus and time to pursue continuous process improvement.    

  • Most ERPs are a comprehensive system of record that serves various business processes and functions across departments such as finance, human resources, supply chain management, manufacturing, sales, and more. An ERP system aims to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and provide real-time visibility into business activities by centralizing data and automating workflows. Because it was designed to be such a broad-based system, companies choose to supplement it with more specialized solutions that enhance and/or leverage the ERP functions. 
  • APIA, on the other hand, is a specific layer of automation that sits in front of your ERP and eliminates the manual, human interaction steps required by your ERP. It primarily focuses on managing inbound invoices, maintaining vendor relationships, reporting and analysis, and ensuring timely and accurate processing of financial obligations. While AP modules exist within every ERP system, they were designed with an AP expert in the seat, making the ERP do things, rather than enabling the users to think more and key less. 

To summarize, while AP is a subset of ERP, the ERP system encompasses a wider range of business functions beyond just finance management, making it a more comprehensive solution for organizational management and optimization.

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Regardless of where you are at in your AP automation journey, DataServ will meet you there and help you evolve.