Digital Mailroom Service and Solutions

A Supplier-Friendly Approach With No Invoice Left Behind.

Achieve over 99% clean data with Digital Mailroom.

Let Us Handle Your Invoice Digitization Needs.

Create an invoice digitization process that isn’t dependent on suppliers. No vendor onboarding! Minimal Change Management – simply redirect your AP email boxes to DataServ. You keep control, make your suppliers happier, and get a single stream of normalized, digital invoice data guaranteed to be 99%+ accurate!

With one simple email rule change all of the invoices will immediately flow to DataServ!

  • DataServ receives all invoices on your behalf, regardless of form or format.
  • Intelligent SaaS OCR + human validation by DataServ = 99% plus capture accuracy.
  • Highly-optimized for Accounts Payable yields better results compared to general OCR.
  • Clean data is crucial for achieving automation in your digital invoice process.
  • Instantly leverage the learning from millions of invoices per month from many industries over 15 years. 
  • No software or templates to maintain, and no manual cleanup work in your AP team!
  • No “teaching” or “learning process” 
  • Turnkey service allows you to focus on process improvement  rather than implementation/maintenance.

Digital Mailroom Features

We eliminate manual data entry and ensure you get the full value from your automation investment.

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