About Us

DataServ empowers finance and accounting teams to succeed.

Since 1994, companies have trusted their Accounts Payable Invoice Automation to DataServ.

We were founded as a SaaS company, because we truly believe this is the best way to buy software! You should pay for the value it delivers. It should be tailored to fit your needs.

We offer clients the best of both worlds: a solution that’s 80% industry standard and 20% tailored, delivered with service, process knowledge, and a satisfaction guarantee.

To this day, we offer unparalleled Accounts Payable Invoice Automation solutions. Our SaaS platform was built from scratch, not bolted together from acquisitions, with input from tens of thousands of users over the past 27 years.

From our inception we created solutions that are:

  • Delivered as a service
  • Tailored to your business
  • Valuable to the productivity and profitability of your business
  • Pragmatic, sustainable, and affordable for real-world process automation challenges

We believe that your success will bring our success. here's why.

You should be able to count on results from your APIA product, process and partner.

Our business model is built on long-term relationships. We are only successful if your team members use the solution to achieve the desired benefits. We stay with you until our solution works to your satisfaction, and we continually assess performance and bring you fresh ideas for improvement during regular Executive Business Reviews. Our guarantee reads:

If clients are not completely satisfied with our automation solutions and related services under the terms of the agreement, and we cannot correct the issue, clients may cancel the service agreement and DataServ will return all documents and data.

We are proud of the fact that since our founding, we have never had a client take advantage of this guarantee.

Consistent results require consistent delivery, and you don’t have time to do multiple projects trying to solve the same issue

We wrote the “10 Year Rule” – setting our sights on keeping every client for at least 10 years – before we had our first client. Our results in this area have far surpassed our expectations – over 70% of our clients who could have been here 10 years have been with us for more than 10 years.

Building Accounts Payable Invoice Automation on your own is risky – even if it’s your second time!

We provide more than software. We share our knowledge, advice, expertise, and experience of the business process with our clients every step of the way. We don’t just sell you software and leave you to figure it out. We assign our Initialization Success Manager to develop a well laid plan to make this transition efficient and effective. Our trainers deliver live training sessions so you can ask your questions and get real-time feedback.

You should know what you’re paying for.

Clients appreciate our fair, adjustable and predictable pricing model that delivers a strong return on investment in both time and money. Our fixed-fee startup costs and clear monthly pricing including a volume-based component assure that the pricing will fit your budget – with no surprises.

Don't Solve AP Needs With Purchasing or ERP Solutions.

We believe in one platform for your APIA needs.

One platform, one software, one dedicated partner; no need to struggle with different user interfaces, manage multiple vendors, or cobble together a process that “might“ work for you. DataServ automation solutions are powerful, integrated, and manage every step of the process and automation for Accounts Payable.

You cannot afford to fail. Custom software is too expensive, but off-the-shelf processes aren’t good enough either.

We offer a solution that’s 80% industry standard and 20% tailored. This allows us to deliver results with quick implementation, at an accessible price; that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Your business requires innovation. You should expect that from your partners too.

We leverage the best of what Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence have to offer, to promote best practices and continuous improvement. One of our founding principles is Evolution vs Revolution. We built the company to start where you are and continue to improve over time. Its one of the reasons that our clients stay with us so long. 

Business is moving fast, and your goals require execution.

We understand that once you have decided to shift to an automated process, you want to start experiencing benefits quickly. DataServ can have our basic Standard Solution with many essential features live in just a few weeks.

In Accounts Payable Automation, the product is only part of the equation.

Often, half the battle is getting your organization to adopt the software and process changes. Included in all of our Initializations, we include the Rapid Adoption Kit™. Our Initialization team remains active with your team until you see results. Ensuring your team members and suppliers adopt the new business method ultimately determines success. Our Rapid Adoption Kit™ is proven to ease the burden and make the transition as seamless and painless as possible!

Transforming 100% of your invoices into a digital form is a giant hurdle to effectively adopting APIA.

Email does not equal digital! DataServ’s Digital Mailroom is truly one of a kind. Simply redirect your AP email address to us. We receive all of your incoming invoices from any source in any format. The Invoice Processing Machine, our intelligent SaaS OCR that is highly optimized for AP that will capture and normalize all of the data required to process an invoice. From there, our highly trained staff executes a Validation and QA process, resulting in over 99% clean data ready to flow through the rest of your process within 24 hours.

we believe in Evolution versus Revolution.

With DataServ, there is less risk and no large upfront commitment. You can start small, perhaps with our Standard solution or for only one of your locations or divisions.

Together we’ll establish a roadmap and build your automation at the scale and speed your company can effectively consume, even if that’s one step at a time. Our SaaS platform, scalable pricing model, and agile methodology guarantee your results at each step in the journey.

AP is AP, but your business is not exactly like any other business. 

Much like a tailor works with you to take a new pair of pants, measure you and make them the perfect length, we begin with our Standard Solution, then provide an extensive range of Tailoring options to create an ideal solution match for your company’s needs. We bend our technology to fit you, not the other way around. Importantly, this Tailoring is included in the price.

You have enough platforms to manage and need your data centralized into your ERP (or ERPs).

The DataServ solution is ERP / System agnostic and interfaces using the least cost, most secure, and most reliable way via simple sFTP datafile exchanges on regular intervals. With 25+ years of experience gained across multiple industries, continents and platforms, our software has been successfully integrated with numerous business systems — from ERPs to MRPs to Financial Management to Supplier Networks in both traditional on-premise software and cloud environments. All our solutions include integration with your ERP or other systems of record. We not only provide the data, but we can also make document images appear at the “click of a button” from within your ERP.

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Regardless of where you are at in your AP automation journey, DataServ will meet you there and help you evolve.