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Alleviate Audit Pain with AP Invoice Automation

Audits can be scary. It’s the moment of truth when your organization’s finances and processes are put under the microscope. Documents, data, and workflows are

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The Virtual Quarterly Close: Are You Ready?

“It’s possible the traditional financial close may be gone for good” (Deloitte CFO Insights). In what now seems like a simpler, pre-pandemic world, quarterly close

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Change Up Your Approach to Change Management

At an Institute of Finance & Management APP2P Conference, a speaker featured the Kubler-Ross Change Curve as the de facto process that employees go through in a

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How AP Automation Allows You to Avoid Adhering to Fraudulent Payment Requests

How APIA Could Have Prevented the SEC Case Against Kraft Heinz

Could your company afford a $62 million fine by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)? Not many could. In their recent settlement with the SEC,

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