Client Testimonials


The DataServ AP automation solution has provided approximately 30% gains in efficiency in the departments where it’s been implemented.

Joe Zulich
Manager of Accounting Operations
Client since 2003


American Senior Communities

You have an account manager that stays with you, this is so important. You need to build a relationship with this person because they are your partner in crime and are here to help you. I like knowing I can go to them and know I will get the Gold Star Treatment.

Debbie Norris
Sr. Director of Accounts Payable and Payroll
Client since 2019

Client Testimonial

Liebert Corporation

The improvements our department gained with DataServ were almost instantaneous. Many of our processes improved, including our short-pay and approval processes, which before were challenging and involved many people and a lot of time. Liebert is a worldwide corporation, and there are invoices that need approval from all over the country. Consolidating all invoices to be mailed to specific P.O. boxes in St. Louis allows the Accounts Payable staff to digitally route invoices for approval. What in the past took sometimes weeks, now takes only a few days. We can already see more ways for making the process more efficient. This program is wonderful to work with. Our expectations have been exceeded.

Wendy White
P2P Process Improvement Manager
Client since 2004


Merchants Fleet Management

We recently added another 2,000 cars to the fleet and system. In the past, that required adding 2 FTE’s to handle all of the accounting/finance work. With DataServ, we do not have to add any team members to achieve this growth!

Kristin Parshay
Senior Finance Director & Corporate Controller
Client since 2016

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

We had a staff of people doing nothing but POD retrievals, and the invoices weren't tied to these POD's, so it was a time-consuming process. The system setup was taken on by DataServ on behalf of Sony. They understand the retail distribution model and their turnaround is quick.

Dan Steves
Corporate Credit Director

Client since 2001

Washington University School of Medicine

DataServ gave us instant access to the latest in imaging technology, and to experts in the use of that technology, without big capital expenses or training costs. Implementation was quick and easy, allowing us to realize significant savings almost immediately. DataServ has been an important part of our continuous process improvement effort.

Alan Worsham
VP of IS
Client since 2004

Ohio Transmission Corporation

When we approached DataServ, our accounts payable process was disjointed, and we had a three-week document processing backlog. We would have considered it a win to reduce our backlog to just one week. Today, DataServ’s AP automation has eliminated our backlog, and we don’t consider that a win ... we consider that a slam dunk!

Randy Cummiskey
Corporate Controller
Client since 2016


Emerson Process Management

I really appreciate the DataServ and Emerson approach to an issue where the source of the problem seems to have been somewhere in between Emerson and DataServ. Such issues require a collaborative approach and I appreciate each group’s willingness to engage each other and not devolve into ‘blame ping pong.’ Thanks for all working to resolve the issue!

Scott Gilley
Director, Shared Services Accounting
Client since 2006

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

We were able to get rid of the paper, automate the entire process, and make it all accessible in one location. DataServ did what we needed in the time we needed it, and we’ve seen outstanding results. It’s why we’ve used DataServ for several solutions at Sony Home Entertainment — their SaaS solutions simply work.

Michael Schillo
Vice President, Financial Operations
Client since 2001


Fox Entertainment Group

With DataServ’s Quote to Cash (Q2C) solution we gained greater efficiencies within all of our AR transactions and reduced time and effort on resolution by having immediate access to all documents involved with any transaction via a web browser. DataServ integrated with our AR Management system and provided one click access to documents while leveraging concurrent licenses, which helps keep our costs from growing.

Al Leonard
Senior Vice President, Credit and Collections
Client since 2007

Wiese USA

We have cut down on the amount of paper invoices that we must shuffle through for accounts payable. Everything is grouped together in one location with the ability to code right on the screen. With our payable system, if the invoice matches the PO, the process is automatic. I never have to approve it. It has cut payable time down to a fraction.

Service Coordinator
Client since 2014

PolyOne Corporation

We have more time to focus on business needs such as doing research and making sure that we're getting all of our discounts versus manually keying invoices.

Krista Van de Wiele
AP Manager

Client since 2009


Wente Family Estates

We’ve benefited from choosing a partner with years of experience and one that’s a leader in document management outsourcing. DataServ has our best interest in mind with their philosophy of partnering to deliver the latest electronic document management, storage, and technologies available.

Art Jeannet
Senior Vice President & Director of Financial Operations
Client since 2009


Fortune 100 Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Company

In my job as a credit/collection analyst, when making collection calls to my accounts, I am very often asked for invoice copies of unpaid bills I'm requesting payments on. DataServ is very quick & easy to access and easy to locate the needed data and pull it up to print. There are also several reports that some of our accounts require, such as computation analysis and many other reports, and obtaining these reports is very convenient with DataServ.

Marilyn Hart
Credit Analyst
Client since 2013

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

We have been very pleased with our Q2C solution from DataServ. All documents are easily accessible, which has resulted in better relationships with our customers as well as improved DSO.

Brian Deneau
Director of Credit & Collections
Client since 1999


R.T. Moore

The entire DataServ team has been extremely helpful from the negotiating/sales process and into the implementation stage. The team really wants to understand our business and be able to provide us with the right tailoring to fit our needs, while assisting us in determining areas where we can better our processes.

Greg Streicher
Client since 2020



DataServ is constantly upgrading the services they provide and keeps up with the business need. In an environment with constant change and where speed is essential, DataServ is the ideal tool for accounts payable processing. It helped us improve the efficiency and performance. The dashboard is a great tool for AP Clerks.

Financial Shared Services Manager
Client since 2006

Emerson Corporation

Engaging DataServ was a good decision, and we are pleased with how DataServ has supported us. Our users have found the solution to be extremely easy to learn and use. And our exception process, which before was difficult and time-consuming, has been made very manageable. Now many of our other divisions are looking at DataServ as a potential partner for their payables applications.

Denise Dauphin
Accounts Payable Manager
Client since 2004

SSM Healthcare

I have been very impressed by DataServ’s unique approach to working with our organization. Rather than ‘pushing’ solutions looking for a problem, they act as business analysts and consultants, asking intelligent questions that uncover opportunities for improvement to our processes. Then they propose well-conceived solutions that are based on our real business challenges. In the end, SSM’s relationship with DataServ has been a true partnership.

Pam Greenberg
Director, Financial Shared Services
Client since 2004

Nidec Motor Corporation

From the beginning, the Client Support team at DataServ was very knowledgeable about our AP process, which was really helpful. I didn’t feel the need to spend a lot of time explaining in detail what I needed. Whether I was emailing or calling the support solution desk, the response time was always impressive. I really felt comfortable knowing the team was there to assist with whatever issues I needed to get resolved. DataServ has an outstanding Client Support team.

Yvonne Chambers
AP Manager

Client since 2003


Fox Entertainment Group

DataServ regularly evaluates our performance and suggests ways to improve, which helps us continually advance our processes.

Marilou Kahawai
Vice President of Credit, Collections, and AR
Client since 2007


High Volume Consumer Products Distribution Company

We had a staff of people doing nothing but POD retrievals, and the invoices weren't tied to these POD's, so it was a time-consuming process. The system setup was taken on by DataServ on behalf of our company. They understand the retail distribution model and their turnaround is quick.

Corporate Credit Director
Client since 2001