View the webinar, "Thriving Over Surviving: Advice from Those Who Have Automated AP."

AP automation has been forced to the top of many organizations’ to-do lists. With changes to our everyday work life, it is essential to maintain continuity and good vendor partnerships as well as reduce inefficiency, costs, and risks. But the move to automation can be overwhelming or intimidating!

We partnered with IOFM for a fireside chat to share the most important lessons learned by those who have been through AP automation. This webinar covers:

  • Internal stakeholders: Pre and Post
  • Maintaining supplier relationships
  • Accessibility
  • Accounting for your ERP
  • Managing ALL your documents
  • And more…

View the webinar to hear from three speakers, each with a unique perspective on AP automation. The goal is to help you thrive through automation, not just survive it!

Speakers include:

  • Judy Bicking, APM, Senior Trainer for IOFM and a 27-year veteran of Johnson & Johnson
  • Jamey Biegener, APPSC, Director of Software Product Management at DataServ
  • Troy Hupp, APPSC, Director of Client Success at DataServ

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