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Automate What You Need, Not What You Don’t.

We provide more than AP automation software; we deliver results. We share our knowledge, advice, expertise, and experience of the business process with our clients every step of the way. We don’t just sell you software and leave you to figure it out. We assign an Initialization Success Manager to develop a well-laid plan to make this transition simple and effective. Our trainers deliver live training sessions so you can ask your questions and get real-time feedback.

AP Solutions with 99% Data Accuracy — Guaranteed.

DataServ’s Digital Mailroom, a part of every DataServ Solution, is truly one of a kind. We receive all of your incoming invoices from any source in any format. Our technology includes a SaaS-based OCR to capture, transform and normalize all the data into a single stream of digital data required for downstream automation. From there, our highly trained staff executes a 5-step QA process, resulting in over 99% data accuracy within 24-48 hours, all contractually guaranteed. Digital Mailroom will process invoices with accuracy and speed.

Start Your Evolution In Weeks, Not Months.

Once you’ve decided to shift to an AP automation solution, you want quick results. Our phased approach allows for fast relief with strategic improvement over time. Work with DataServ to plan your journey toward ap automation.

Get Off the P2P Train

Why buy a solution that attempts to solve “everything” when your only problem is the AP part? Instead, get an AP Automation Software Solution that integrates with what you already have, reducing the time you spend in the process so you can work on improving it.

Have An Idea Of What You Need? DataServ Has You Covered.

DataServ has a purpose-built platform that meets you wherever you are in the automation journey. Whether you’re looking for AP solutions for manufacturers or help with wholesale & distribution AP process automation, our goal is to help you continuously evolve to extract more value over time.


Common AP Problems We Solve

You may have not yet ventured into any level of AP Automation, so all these scenarios exist for you today. Perhaps you have made investments in the past, but they aren’t working as well or completely as you expected. DataServ can meet you there and help you evolve regardless of where you are in your automation journey.

By automating your accounts payable processes and procedures, you’re saving your business valuable human hours and virtually eliminating the potential for errors due to manual data entry. AP automation streamlines business processes top to bottom and can vastly improve your company’s productivity and potential for growth. Without the burden of constant manual processing and filing tasks, your staff can focus their time, energy, and talents on building the future of your business. Work with your brain – not with your fingers!

We eliminate all this work for you and deliver contractually guaranteed 99%+ accurate invoice data, plus you may be able to eliminate costs associated with other manual processes and current in-house solutions.

No more spreadsheets and email folders – DataServ makes invoice approvals easy. AP automation provides visibility into every invoice in any stage of the approval and coding process. Automated workflow provides timed escalations, out of office notifications and surrogate coding. The system never takes a vacation, never has a bad day, and never retires. It never misplaces a document, or fails to remind you to resolve an exception or pay an invoice before the day it’s due. It is, by nature, dependable.

On average, our Digital Mailroom capability gives you 30-45 days of additional visibility into all liabilities within 24 hours of invoice receipt. Replace mountains of emailed & paper invoices with an electronic audit trail via cloud ERP system. Our AP automation solution allows you to easily report on the approval workflow history of each document, including approval steps, dates, and comments, to identify bottlenecks and process improvement.

Share in our scale – we process millions of invoices every month through our multi-tenant SaaS platform, which provides you with the best technology at the lowest cost. Clients appreciate our fair, flexible and predictable pricing model that delivers a strong return on investment in both time and money.

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