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$5-15+ ROI delivered per invoice


71% clients 10+ year retention


99+% clean data output


100% digital, single stream document intake

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A Complete End-to-End AP Solution

Cobbling together multiple solutions is not only more expensive and time-consuming, it simply doesn't work as well. DataServ AP solutions are powerful, integrated, and manage every step of the process and automation for Accounts Payable.

  • Digitize data at 99%+ accuracy

  • PO Matching

  • Touchless Non-PO automated approval routing and coding

  • Route Data to ANY ERP

  • Data archive, retention, secure destruction

  • Tailored Dashboards & Analytics

  • PO Requisition and Approvals

  • Vendor Setup & Inquiry Portals


Take it one step at a time!

With our Bite-Sized Approach, you aren’t forced to go “all in” before you even know if it works. You can start slow, and gradually evolve to the full solution at your own pace.

  • Start with a single process, such as eliminating manual data entry


  • Roll out the full AP solution at a single location to see how it performs, before implementing company-wide

Bite-Sized Approach Video



Quick Start Video

Get Started in Days, not Weeks or Months

We understand that once you have made the decision to shift to a digital process, you want to start experiencing benefits quickly. DataServ can have digital workflow based on one digital document stream live in just days with the following features in place:

  • Automated email workflow with mobile capabilities

  • Automatic initial routing based on vendor

  • Distributed digital invoice coding

  • 100% digital, single-stream document intake with validated OCR capture
  • Exception-based AP process

  • Documented, tailored approval matrix

  • Identified potential duplicate invoices & vendor not found issues

  • Change management tools through our Rapid Adoption Kit


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Take a peek inside our platform and get a quick overview of our capabilities and features.

Paperless, Touchless...Speechless

DataServ’s proprietary AutoVouch™ system uses advanced process automation to perform a "pre-ERP" two or three-way match using the digitized invoice data plus your PO and receiving data, rules and tolerances. All transactions that match automatically flow into your ERP system to be scheduled for payment. ZERO human touch!

  • 2, 3 or even 4-way matching on invoice, PO, and receiving data
  • Tailored to your business process
  • Exception process and adjustable tolerance levels for price and quantity variance
  • Once matched, the transaction automatically flows into your ERP system
  • ZERO human touch!

AutoVouch Animation



Digital Mailroom Overview Video


Eliminate Data Entry & Go Paperless

DataServ is the only automation partner with a true Digital Mailroom. Our Digital Mailroom and OCR capabilities can handle all incoming documents from your current processes and make them available to you in a way tailored specifically for your business. We eliminate manual data entry and ensure you get the full value from your automation investment.

  • We receive and import all your invoices and related documents on your behalf
  • Documents in ANY FORMAT, from ANY SOURCE
  • No templates or manual work on your end
  • Over 99% clean data output within 24 hours

Join us for a 30-minute AP Automation demo!

Take a peek inside our platform and get a quick overview of our capabilities and features.

Decentralization Map

Multiple Locations Causing AP Problems to Multiply?

Decentralization is an obstacle plaguing any AP department with multiple locations. Invoices coming in for sites all over the country (or world), all needing to be efficiently routed for coding and approvals.

  • Capture vendor invoice, purchase order, and receipt data for all sites
  • Autoroute using invoice data
  • Automated coding for non-PO invoices
  • Mitigate risk of inaccuracy
  • GAP Financial controls

All POs Are Not Made Equal

DataServ drives a high level of automatic matches due to our deep understanding of distinct differentiators among each purchase type. Each PO type triggers a unique matching and exception routing approach to take.

  • Built in processes and machine learning to identify and implement proper workflow based upon your unique needs
  • Combining this approach with improved visibility will increase the velocity in which you do business

Purchase Order Matches Illustration

Exceptions Dashboard

The Exception to Exception Management

Our advanced logic and matching methodology normalizes different units of measure, dashes, extra spaces, and more to put your invoices in the optimal position to successfully match accurately.


How it Works

How it Works Diagram
How it Works Diagram - Capture, Code, Send
How it Works Diagram - Verify and Approve
How it Works Diagram - Authorize for Payment
How it Works Diagram - Send to ERP             How it Works Diagram - Archive

Case Studies

R.T. Moore Logo

”The team really wants to understand our business and be able to provide us with the right tailoring to fit our needs, while assisting us in determining areas where we can better our processes.”


“We brought up numerous scenarios that addressed the specific ways Arbill handles invoices, and DataServ incorporated all of these methods into the scope of the project.”

White-Rodgers Logo

“The DataServ solution has provided approximately 30% gains in efficiency in the departments where it’s been implemented...this has resulted in less lost invoices and a better managed document process.”


“We needed a solution that was going to work globally and supply our plants and controllers the same visibility they had with paper invoices...We were also able to implement best practices.”


ERP Agnostic

Oracle   •   SAP   •   JD Edwards   •   Ariba   •   PeopleSoft   •   PDI   •   Coupa   •   Kofax   •   AND MORE!


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