Sometimes an invoice just isn’t feasible.

The accounts payable process of any organization can be complex and challenging.

No process limited to requisitions, POs, or even credit card purchasing is going to meet 100% of your organization’s needs.

There are situations where you will not receive an invoice, and payments must still be rendered. Or a purchase may be so unique or urgent that an invoice just isn’t feasible, like taxes due to state governments, compensation payments to former employees upon their separation, an advance deposit on a rental, payment of a utility bill, or even something as unusual as rendering payment to a balloon artist at your company picnic who won’t take a credit card.

Request payment with a click.

With DataServ's AP Check Request solution, your employees can easily request a payment for a purchase where an invoice or credit card cannot be used. Our easy-to-use check request form ensures your company has all the tools in its arsenal to maintain proper cash flow.

Why Check Request?

Check Request is an optional Capability within the DataServ APIA solution and offers a consistent workflow and auditability across any payment type. Even though check requests require a different approach, they still require the same financial controls as the rest of the payables process, including approval limits, audit trail and duplication avoidance

Plus, with Check Request, any accounts payable department can eliminate paper from the AP process, while building in speed and ease with just one interface for all types of payments, including check requests.

Additionally, this automation will empower remote employees – and that is especially important with the time-sensitive payments typically required under Check Request.

Interested in harnessing the power of Check Request?

If adding the ability for check requests would expand your accounts payable department's capabilities, schedule an initial consultation with an AP Certified Consultant at DataServ today!