View the webinar, "This New Decade Requires a New Approach to AP."

The first half of 2020 required flexibility, quick learning, and adaptability, and the virtual workplace is here to stay. We partnered with IOFM for a webinar where we look forward and focus on what temporary improvements need to be made permanent and, more importantly, plan for what we must do now to build stronger, more resilient financial processes and teams. 
This webinar covers:
  • Virtual work forecasts in 2020 and beyond

  • Being best prepared for financial closings including accruals

  • How easier can also be better – more control with less work

  • Cash management & gaining control of spend

  • Automated workflow with a paperless, touchless process

  • Analysis and use of the data on the invoice

  • Tools to use moving forward

View the webinar to learn tips to develop more efficient processes, and tangible, bottom-line savings with more staff flexibility and less tribal knowledge!

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