Cash Management

The Strategic Value of Paperless Accounts Payable

Many an Accounts Payable (AP) Manager has laid awake at night and dreamt of how productive their staff could be if they didn’t have to

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How AP Automation Allows You to Avoid Adhering to Fraudulent Payment Requests

How APIA Could Have Prevented the SEC Case Against Kraft Heinz

Could your company afford a $62 million fine by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)? Not many could. In their recent settlement with the SEC,

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High Cost of Low Invoice Visibility

If you are like me, or most CFO’s, Controllers, AP Managers, or anyone in a position of financial accountability, total visibility is probably something you

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Paperless Accounts Payable and Vendor Relationships

If your success depends on everyone inside your organization doing the same thing, you can get this done through training and compliance. A tall task, but not

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