DataServ works with many different companies to develop an accounts payable automation solution that eliminates paper and automates the entire set of activities needed to fully support the review/approval/reporting/storage required to deliver a complete solution. Several times prospects have asked us to explain the differences between a solution such as DataServ’s and Microsoft SharePoint-based solutions.

SharePoint, a browser-based content management system that streamlines the management of and access to data, has become a dominant force in the enterprise collaboration market over the past few years. Despite its undeniable popularity, a recently published report by Kodak identified that many companies that use SharePoint "need to implement third-party add-ons and connector applications to enhance productivity and efficiency” in order for it to “fully realize its enterprise content management (ECM) potential." The piece also cites a 2012 SharePoint survey conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management that reported: “Nearly half of respondents feel that compared to out-of-the-box SharePoint, they could be 50% more productive with enhanced workflow, search, information reporting, and automated document creation tools. Scanning and capture, case management, and social system add-ons would all produce significant productivity improvements of 25% or more. Over half are using or planning to use third-party add-on products to enhance these functional areas.”

Our experience providing SaaS applications used for AP automation supports these conclusions. So what should you do? Look for automation solutions that provide:

  • Native capabilities that address the key determinants of automation success: Upfront scanning and data capture for all invoices, regardless of format. 
    • Robust workflow automation for both invoices associated with a purchase order (PO) as well as non-PO invoices.
  • Intuitive search capabilities that any AP professional can understand and use immediately.
  • Accessibility through mobile devices.
  • Document archiving and retention/destruction based upon your specifications.

Having all these capabilities supported in one platform will greatly reduce your costssimplify your life by eliminating the headaches associated with having to manage multiple vendors and consultants, and provide a consistently excellent user experience for everyone involved in the process. You can learn more by reading our guide to the Top 5 Reasons AP Automation Projects Derail. If you have any questions, email us at

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