You all deserve a round of applause – wait, make that APplause! Today kicks off Accounts Payable Recognition Week, and let us be the first to say to all our AP professionals out there: You rock! 

We’d sing it from the rooftop if we could. AP teams out there deserve all of our appreciation and gratitude. You keep our organizations running by paying vendors, protecting against fraud, keeping control of approvals, and so much more. I probably say it every year, but one week just isn’t enough to recognize all the great work that AP professionals do. I’ve been in this business since the 1990s, and I’ve watched AP teams adapt, innovate, and transform the industry over the years. There really isn’t anything you can’t do! 

So, from our team here at DataServ to yours: Rock on, AP rockstars! Celebrate this week, and enjoy your time in the spotlight – you’ve certainly earned it! (And we may have done a little celebrating on your behalf in our office, too!) 

2018 AP Appreciation Week at DataServ

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