Achieve over 99% clean data with our Single Stream Digital Mailroom document scanning and OCR


Our invoice data capture capabilities can handle all incoming documents from your current processes and make them available to you in a way tailored specifically for your business. Our batch capabilities can handle large scanning jobs and provide you access to the images when and where you need them. Your documents will be managed inside our highly efficient, SSAE16 Type II compliant Digital Mailroom facility that accepts documents of any type, in any form via mail, courier, FTP, remote capture, EDI and returns clean data and images. We eliminate manual data entry and ensure you get the full value from your automation investment.

Post Office Box Receipt and Management

With the central location of our document capture facility in St. Louis, Missouri, our clients benefit from one of the fastest post offices in the country. Documents may be sent directly by vendors to a post office box for receipt by DataServ. This mail will then be opened, sorted, and scanned at DataServ’s facility.

Fax Receipt

Invoices and other documents may be received, on your behalf, as faxes at DataServ and imported into the workflow process as images.

Email Receipt

Invoices and other documents may be emailed directly to your attention at DataServ and imported into the workflow process as images.

Electronic Invoice Receipt

EDI documents may be sent to DataServ for import and archival.

Remote Capture

Documents can be scanned and indexed directly into the workflow process at any site in the world.

Document Capture

DataServ’s optimized, high-speed scanning process will scan and index documents at our secure facility directly into the workflow process. Our highly trained personnel execute a 5-step quality assurance process on a daily basis to provide accuracy which far surpasses the industry standard.

Data Capture

DataServ captures data from documents from the various sources above. Capture is performed through the Invoice Processing Machine™, Bar Code, Data Entry, or a combination thereof. Our unique advantage is multiple human verification layers over this technology which increases accuracy and provides you with rapid ramp-up.

The DataServ Digital Mailroom provides:

  • 24-hour processing

  • PO box receipt and management, fax, email, EDI receipt and remote capture

  • Redundant high-speed, high-quality scanners

  • SaaS OCR

  • Flexible staffing options

  • Paper recycling to meet corporate Green initiatives



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