Authentic Relationships Are at Our Core

Maybe nobody cares about your business more than you do, but we come in a close second for our clients. We know that the health of our business is directly proportional to the health of our clients’ businesses and their satisfaction with our service.

We also know that ‘satisfaction’ is a pretty low bar, so we aim much higher.

Sure, it’s hard for some people to get passionate about SaaS solutions. Don’t worry, we make up the difference. The trick is to focus on the people, not the product. We don’t just innovate, we eliminate bottlenecks and frustration. We don’t merely lead the industry, we improve performance and cash flow. We don’t simply transform, we remove paper and increase efficiencies.

Now that’s something to get passionate about.

That’s why our clients are our friends and biggest fans.

Our SaaS products are not an off-the-shelf solution. Every client has different needs, so we tailor our software to provide a complete automation of your AP, AR, and HR processes.

A fundamentally better approach 

Our business model is built on long-term relationships. We are only successful if your team members use the solution to achieve the desired benefits. We stay with you until our solution works to your satisfaction, and we continually assess performance and bring you fresh ideas for improvement during regular Executive Business Reviews.

A solution tailored to you 

Our solutions are flexible enough to combine best practices with your unique needs. We bend our technology to fit you, not the other way around.

Cost savings and predictability 

Our fixed-fee startup costs and clear monthly pricing assure that there will be no surprises. Clients appreciate our fair, flexible and predictable pricing model that delivers a strong return on investment in both time and money.

Less risk

There is no large upfront commitment. You can start small, perhaps with a simple function, process, location or bite-sized chunk. Together we’ll establish a roadmap, and build your solution one step at a time. Our SaaS platform, scalable pricing model, and Agile methodology guarantee your satisfaction at each step.

One platform for all your needs 

One platform, one software, one dedicated partner. No need to struggle with different user interfaces, manage multiple vendors, or cobble together a process that “might” work for you.

Digital Mailroom and OCR

Our fully operational digital mailroom makes paperless processing a reality and eliminates manual keystrokes, saving you time and eliminating human error. 

Change management 

Ensuring that your team members and suppliers effectively adapt to the new way of doing business ultimately determines success. Our Rapid Adoption Kit™ is proven to ease the burden on both employees and vendors.

Less work for you 

User administration, training and Tier 1, 2 & 3 level support are all included in our monthly service fee.

SaaS platform upgrades 

Regular upgrades incorporate user input and best practices to keep your processes current, at no additional cost.

ERP integration 

All our solutions include integration with your ERP or other system of record. We not only provide the data, we can also make document images appear at the "click of a button" from any screen inside your ERP.