Yikes! The holidays are here and it seems like every year Jolly St. Nick trades in his signature red suit for a ninja’s cloak and before you know it, it’s mid-December. 'Tis indeed the season for celebration and laughter; but the relentless push to buy the perfect gift, bring the right dish to the office potluck and looming year-end deadlines can transform this season of joy into a not-so-merry, wintry-mix of stress.

Trust us—we’re right there with you. We’re using our coping skills to close out the year on a high note so we can sing It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year instead of Rudolph the Stressed-out Reindeer and we wanted to try to distract you with some holiday cheer.

Holiday celebrations among DataServers are diverse as our staff and we thought it would be fun to share how some of us commemorate the holidays around our shop. Whether your idea of a grand holiday is over-the-top like the Griswolds or more like the Grinch, we hope you like this collection of holiday anecdotes from our team and maybe for just a moment, take a mental sleigh ride away from your holiday stressors with us.

If you have a favorite tradition you’d like to share, post it in the comments … O Come All Ye Faithful!

The Christmas Pickle

While living in Germany, we adopted a German holiday tradition called The Christmas Pickle. When Santa delivers his presents, he hides the pickle on the tree and after everyone has opened their presents, the kids look for the pickle and whoever finds the pickle gets an extra special, usually handmade gift.” Christine Berry, Client Success

Keep it Classic

We enjoy decorating the tree and reading the timeless holiday classics, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and The Night Before Christmas all together as a family. Our holiday isn’t complete until we put out milk, cookies, and carrots for the “big guy” and his reindeer.” Drew Gillow, Technology

Mall of Memories

Members of my family have gone to the Mall of America in Minnesota for the last several years before Christmas and my husband and I are excited to join for first time this year and we are looking forward to making many memories there.” Jennifer Gapsch, Digital Mailroom

Chaos Control

My daughters and me spend the holidays decorating the house, making fudge, and watching Christmas movies. We do our shopping online to avoid the chaotic stores so we can spend as much time as possible curled up together on the couch with our fur-baby chihuahuas.” Jill Vincent, Digital Mailroom

Extra Secret Santa

I have eight and 12 year old sons who are questioning whether or not Santa is real. but still really want to believe that Santa is real. This year, I’ll be playing extra secret Santa to help keep the magic alive–even if they only “believe” for the extra Santa gifts!” Kathi Haller, Executive team

Elfie on the Shelf-ie

Christmas Day we spend in St. Louis and my wife’s family comes over for brunch and the day after Christmas we drive to Michigan to spend time with my family. Elf on the Shelf is a big tradition for our kids and our family-elf Elfie, arrives after Thanksgiving to keep an eye on the kids and report to Santa on their behavior, then Elfie leaves Christmas Eve until the next year.” Matt Pritzel, Sales

Father Christmas

As long as I can remember my father dressed up like Santa for our family Christmas party, inheriting the tradition from his uncle. My dad’s version of Santa was sure to get a little too loud and excited, complete with yelling and ringing jingle bells—he doesn’t seem to think the job is done unless one of the kids is crying. It’s always a good time and even though his kids are fully grown, he has never been able to get out of being Santa, and probably never will. Rich Meyer, Client Success

Holiday Mystery

Christmas Eve might be my absolute favorite day of the year! On Christmas Eve, our entire family converged on Grandma and Grandpa’s house for food, singing and conversation. To this day, I still don’t know who climbed the stairs to my grandparents living room dressed in full Santa gear with a bag full of goodies! My grandparents aren’t with us anymore but the 40-year tradition and memories of Christmas Eve will never fade.” Shane Freeman, Marketing

Spiked Egg Nog Anyone?

My family goes to my in-laws on Christmas Eve where we enjoy Italian roast beef sandwiches, open our gifts to each other and attend church. On Christmas morning, we make a huge breakfast and stay in our pajamas until after noon. Dinner usually consists of the standard holiday fare--turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes and pie—plus, of course, some wine and spiked egg nog.” Tiffany Lopez, Sales

Hooray for the Holidays!

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