Tired of constantly cleaning up your vendor master file?


Our Vendor Setup solution provides a simple, common sense user interface to efficiently request the setup of a new vendor. Mobile enabled, our automated workflow is tailored to your rules, thus ensuring controls and guaranteeing consistent vendor master data.

Our solution provides increased visibility into the entire vendor approval process:

  • Allows your employees to submit a new vendor request and/or record and edit information via the Internet without using expensive ERP licenses or routing paper to the purchasing department for data entry.
  • Presents requestors with the appropriate vendor naming conventions, thus assuring compliance with your vendor master file and ERP standards.
  • Restrict user entry to their appropriate cost centers and accounts, giving finance greater control while actually making it easier for the user.

The solution uses a standard DataServ web form, tailored for your unique process, to collect the appropriate vendor data from employees. This form is secure, available anywhere with Internet access, and only requires a browser to complete. The data from this form is captured and automatically transferred into your ERP or financial system.

Why DataServ Vendor Setup?

Easy User Interface + Tailored Workflow + Training and Support = Greater User Acceptance

The single biggest hurdle to increasing the number of PO purchases made for most organizations is the pain of change. DataServ provides simple, easy-to-launch and use SaaS solutions. The easy-to-use interface ensures user adoption, and all user training and support is included.

Cost Effective

With DataServ you will not require additional ERP licenses or expensive training. Our concurrent license model ensures that you are not paying too much for occasional requestors.

Eliminate Dual Data Entry with ERP Integration

DataServ integrates with your ERP. We can feed data to any system so you eliminate data entry costs.

Eliminate duplicate vendor records — forever!

DataServ’s workflow tailors any field to your unique business process and rules and will automatically enforce your standard naming conventions. The solution restricts G/L accounts and cost centers to those available by user role, thus minimizing human errors in master data entry and inadvertent creation of duplicate vendors.

Focus on Exception Handling

DataServ provides a comprehensive workflow to process exceptions in the most efficient manner, allowing your staff to focus on process improvement, fraud detection, compliance, vendor negotiations, and supply chain optimization rather than processing vendor requests.

When it comes to the right Vendor Setup solution, you can rely on DataServ to deliver simple solutions so that you can focus on what is most important.

Download the Vendor Setup solution sheet