Give your vendors secure access to invoice information so you can focus on core competencies


Vendor Inquiry provides organizations with a much more efficient way of handling vendor service and support activities, including routine inquiries regarding payment status or issue resolution. Through a password protected, self-service website, your vendors will have access to invoice information and status. This self-service approach will greatly decrease the amount of time your staff spends answering phone calls, searching for information, and returning phone messages and emails. In its simplest form, this portal will allow your team to focus on core competencies and knowledge work while reducing your P2P help desk hours spent answering repetitive, simple questions.

Lower Labor Costs

Give vendors more information and the ability to find their own answers to questions without adding any staff or incurring large capital investments in technology.

Single Source of Truth within Your P2P Operation

The documents within the DataServ solution are the same documents presented to vendors via this portal option so there is no need for redundant systems or confusing sources of information on the P2P process. Whether a vendor calls or searches the portal – they receive the same information.

22% - Amount of AP Staff Time Spent Responding to Supplier Inquiries

Tailored Capabilities

DataServ will tailor the portal to meet the needs of your suppliers and can provide access by fields such as vendor number, date, vendor invoice number, etc. and enforce your organizations’ security policies.  

No Infrastructure Required

Since DataServ provides a hosted portal there will be very little time required from your staff to enable and maintain this option. There is no limit to the number of hits on the DataServ Vendor Inquiry.

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Give your vendors secure access to invoice information so you can focus on strategic tasks.

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