Have you pushed your Purchase Order efforts to the max, but gotten stalled at 60%, 70% or even 80%? We can help drive that up!


Any auditor (and your CFO) will tell you that the best possible scenario for most business purchases is to issue a formal purchase order to buy a product or service. Then why doesn’t every organization use purchase orders for everything? We believe that much of the resistance to change comes from how hard it is to follow the processes in a traditional, rigid ERP system when the users infrequently make purchases. Some blame it on the purchasing department (“the rules are too rigid” or “it takes too long”) while others blame the people who buy things (“they never follow procedures”). In reality, the answer is: commerce is messy!

If you have buyers that are in distributed locations, buyers that work remotely, or buyers that order a variety of services, products and/or unique, large capital purchases, DataServ can help.

We designed our Purchase Order and Requisition Process Automation (PO/Req) for organizations that already have a Purchase Order process set up in their ERP for raw materials (manufacturing) or resale (distribution) but still perform other types of purchasing. In construction and financial services, we have found a much higher volume of flexible, people driven, non-standard, purchasing patterns.

PO/Req is the best of both worlds – easiest experience for the user and a higher level of financial control. It was created with client input to give the utmost flexibility for non-purchasing “casual buyers” to buy what they need to get their jobs done. Buyers find products and services they need using our simple, fast “Google-like” search. Instead of creating double work, we simply tap into your vendor master to speed the users experience and ensure compliance with policy. You will avoid the high cost of ERP licensing for your team members that only need to buy something once in a while, yet our interface is so simple that users do not need training every time they want to make a purchase. Add in mobile devices and a low cost per user concurrent licensing model and you can imagine reaching your goal!

When it comes to purchase order process and procedures, one size does not fit all. We learned over the years from helping our clients that they require tailoring. That is why PO/Req works so well for those transactions that do not fit in your ERP Purchasing module. Whether you have the Purchase Orders in your ERP and want our system to feed that process or whether you are looking to substitute a simpler, user-friendly process for creating flexible POs, DataServ can tailor the system to your process.

Looking for truly touchless invoice processing?

PO/Req increases your volume of POs while our AutoVouch™ solution eliminates subsequent invoice vouching/matching. PO/Req is SaaS workflow at its finest because it is very simple to use, requires no ERP licenses, and is accessible from mobile devices using a browser. Build the workflow based on your business rules and make it easy for your users while ensuring compliance with your purchase order and vendor policies.

PO/Req provides you with a simple, common sense user interface to efficiently request, route, approve, audit, and process either requisitions or purchase orders.

  • Ease of use — Employees submit purchase request information online
  • Cost savings — You save money with no expensive ERP licenses or paper routing to the purchasing department for data entry
  • Improved control — The web form only presents requestors with their approved cost centers and accounts which grants Finance greater control while making it easier for the user
  • Visibility — Better view of the entire approval process and enhanced spend controls

PO/Req is a smart approach for meeting your flexible purchasing needs. It will save your organization money, improve spending controls, and make the process easy for you and your employees. And best of all, it does not require gargantuan efforts to implement!

Click below to download a solution sheet detailing the benefits of DataServ’s PO/Req solution.

Download the Purchase Order Requisition Automation Solution Sheet