A simple, powerful tool that fits your workflow like a glove.


Many expense report software solutions are notoriously over-engineered and unnecessarily complicated with intricate, hard-to-understand user screens. Those programs can be a bad fit for many organizations, especially those with many employees who don’t frequently file expense reports. We believe in a payables-centric model for expense report automation. Our Expense Report Automation Solution was designed with the help of clients and is perfect for organizations with moderate travel and a large, occasional-user population.

Our easy-to-use interface and integrated rules reduce support and maintenance and the software system is tailored to fit your workflow like a glove. We also provide you with full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration, working with the data and transactions you already have, to transfer while incorporating all of your current auditing rules. The application has the ability to configure audit rules into the expense reporting solution – items that get flagged as audit are presented to AP for audit review, alleviating your review of 100% of the transactions. It also features automated credit card downloads that pre-populate user reports and a receipt capture service. Unlike other expense report software suppliers, DataServ doesn’t require you to change any of your accounting processes.

You can easily add DataServ’s Expense Report Software solution to an existing DataServ SaaS APIA solution or use it as a standalone service.

What do I get with DataServ’s Expense Report Automation Solution?

Unparalleled Customer Service
  • Change management and rollout assistance

  • First-line service — you call us, not accounting, with questions

  • Support 24/7

Upfront Pricing
  • Firmer control and cost savings with a surprisingly small investment of time and money
  • Concurrent licensing model saves you money
  • Software upgrades and maintenance releases included in monthly fee
A Simple, Powerful Tool
  • Fluid initialization process
  • 24/7 access from anywhere, including mobile devices
  • Standardized reporting — there’s no need for a reporting analyst or IT resource to develop reports
  • Easy user interface and far fewer user screens; much less training time and no need for refresher training

Download the Expense Report Automation solution sheet