AR Automation: Simple and Powerful Solutions

Tailored Accounts Receivable Automation that provides the data and controls that you need to get paid. 
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Collections and Reconciliation Documentation

Collect payments with ease when you have complete documentation (including proof of delivery) at your fingertips – and complete integration with your ERP and accounting software makes reconciliation a snap.

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Invoice Delivery Automation

Customize invoice delivery in any format to meet the needs of your unique customers.

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Packet Completion

Ensure that all documents related to a particular sales order number are present, eliminating time spent figuring out what is missing.

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Archival Retention

Ensure you meet your storage, retention, and destruction policies while having instant access to your electronic documents, right from the convenience of your ERP, PC, or mobile device.

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Remittance Processing

Configure automation to resolve discrepancies between invoices and customer remittances quickly and in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley.

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Workflow Automation

Enjoy error-free processing by automating your paper-free workflow – saving you time, money, and headaches.

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If Cash is the Lifeblood,
Q2C is the Heart

Your AR department will never look back.

Q2C Features

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We will set up and tailor our solution based on your needs and internal processes.

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Single Sign-on

Enhance security and simplify your user experience by extending your single sign-on to DataServ solutions.

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Comprehensive Client Support

Increased automation shouldn’t mean more work for your team. Users are trained and supported every step of the way and have access to U.S.-based 24/7 support.

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Document Retention and Destruction

Documents can be retained or destroyed based on industry rules and regulations and your company’s needs.

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Intelligent Reporting and Dashboards

Get on-demand access to the reports and dashboards you need to successfully manage your processes.

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Global Footprint

Our SaaS solutions include browser language choices to support users in ~50 countries.

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  • We have been very pleased with our Q2C solution from DataServ. All documents are easily accessible, which has resulted in better relationships with our customers as well as improved DSO.

    Brian Deneau, Director of Credit & Collections
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals — Client since 1999

  • With DataServ’s Quote to Cash (Q2C) solution we gained greater efficiencies within all of our AR transactions and reduced time and effort on resolution by having immediate access to all documents involved with any transaction via a web browser. DataServ integrated with our AR Management system and provided one click access to documents while leveraging concurrent licenses, which helps keep our costs from growing.

    Al Leonard, VP, Customer Financial Services
    Fox Entertainment Group — Client since 2007

  • We had a staff of people doing nothing but POD retrievals, and the invoices weren't tied to these POD's, so it was a time-consuming process. The system setup was taken on by DataServ on behalf of our company. They understand the retail distribution model and their turnaround is quick.

    Corporate Credit Director
    High Volume Consumer Products Distribution Company — Client since 2001

You Work Hard for Your Money

Make getting paid easy.

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Increase Productivity & Reduce Mistakes

By eliminating paper and automating processes, your team can be more efficient and focus on higher level tasks.

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Answers at Your Fingertips

Up to the minute data is always available. Whether it’s a customer question, a dispute, or internal reporting – the information (and answer) awaits.

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Your Rules, Your Way

Just because it’s automated doesn’t mean you don’t have control. You do. Everything is set and scheduled according to your workflow, your rules, your procedures.


Heard Enough?

Your AR solution is waiting for you.