"Pre ERP" automated 2- or 3-way matching for "touchless" invoice processing using AutoVouch™


Actual DataServ Client ResultsFACT: Some DataServ clients are achieving touchless invoice processing on more than 80% of their invoices through AutoVouchTM.

Make the most of your purchase order (PO) process by having the majority of your PO invoices automatically scheduled for payment!

AutoVouchTM uses PO, invoice, and receiving data to perform a "pre ERP" 2- or 3-way match. Eliminating manual reviews saves you time and money and provides "touchless" processing.

Here’s how it works:

Captured invoice data is matched to the documents from your purchase order process and receiving data. It is then validated using multiple tiers of verification, all tailored to your specifications. When receiving data isn’t required, but a purchase order is in place, we utilize a “pre ERP” 2-way match. All transactions that vouch (based upon pre-set tolerances you establish) automatically flow into your ERP system for 2- or 3-way match and are then scheduled for payment. There is ZERO human touch.

AutoVouchTM makes a great addition to your Purchase to Pay automation solution and helps your team focus on higher value work, while dramatically reducing errors and manual labor. The cost to process an invoice decreases substantially with AutoVouchTM.

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