How our AP Automation Software is Different

Best of Both Worlds Initialization 80% Best Practices & 20% Tailored
Get Started in Days, Not Months
Document Intake — We Receive and Enter All Documents on our Client’s Behalf
Deep Support for High Proportion Purchase Order Workflows
Configurable Industry-Specific Capabilities
A Complete Accounts Payable Software — No Add-ons Necessary

How our AP Automation Software Works



Capture, Code, Send

Our Digital Mailroom offers effortless invoice processing, capturing all accounts payable documents from any source, in any format, and automatically routes based upon your rules.


Verify and Approve

A daily email is sent with a link for invoices to review. Users choose to Approve, Reject, Re-Route, or Code. AP automation rules keep the process flowing without human intervention.


Authorize for Payment

Accounts payable gives final approval to submit invoices for payment.


Send to ERP

Approved invoices are created and paid in your financial system.



Accounts Payable documents are retained or destroyed based on rules, regulations, and your company's needs.
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Document Intake

100% Digital Single Stream Solution

Create a paperless accounting process for your AP department built on an OCR-intake approach that delivers clean and useable data – all while ensuring over 99% pre-ERP accuracy.

  • DataServ receives all documents and invoice data on your behalf
  • SaaS OCR + 5 point human validation all done by US = 99+% accuracy
  • Received in any format
  • Received from any source
  • No templates or manual tasks on your end

Invoice Automation

You name it, we’ll automate it

Throughout our 27 years, we’ve systematically developed proprietary processes and technology to eliminate human interaction with complex invoice transactions. DataServ's tailored AP invoice automation reduces invoice processing costs, frees staff time, mitigates invoice fraud, and streamlines the approval process.


Eliminate manual tasks, such as invoice matching and comparison processes, and make the most of your PO process by validating invoices with AutoVouch and automatically scheduling for payment.


When you simplify your accounts payable workflow with our accounts payable software you can reduce processing times with responsive controls, distribute coding without errors; document and enforce your delegation of authority.


Replace mountains of paper invoices with an electronic audit trail. Our AP automation solution allows you to easily report on the approval workflow history of each document, including approval steps, dates, and comments.


With automated invoice processing, routing, daily email alerts, and AutoVouch, approvals operate at maximum efficiency. Our Accounts Payable software transfers the burden of coding to the buyer and accounts payable teams can rest easy knowing that accuracy is maintained with tools like autofill and predictive coding.

AP Automation Software ROI Estimator

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Purchase Order and Requisition

Invoices Pending PO Match

Normalize to Optimize

DataServ is the authority on specificity and normalization. Our advanced logic and matching methodology allows us to put the invoice in the optimal position to successfully match accurately. Efficiently request, route, approve, audit, and process requisitions or purchase orders with our accounts payable invoice automation.

Collaborative Intelligence Icon

We leverage the best of what Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence have to offer, to promote best practices and perpetual improvement to the Accounts Payable process.

Centralized Processing Icon

All location, date, PO, receipt, and invoice data in one, easily accessible place.

Exception Management Icon

Controls in place to maximize straight-through invoice processing and prevent prematurely forcing unnecessary exceptions.

Drop-Direct Shipping POs

Built-in processes and machine learning to identify and implement proper Accounts Payable workflow based upon your unique needs.

PO Icon

Our Accounts Payable system distinguishes between different PO types to change how quantities and pricing are matched.

Clear the Noise Icon

Remove extra characters that can impede automation, and normalize different units of measurement.

Our Analytics and Dashboards

Instant Insight into Your Organization’s Historical Trends

Visibility into your financial liabilities, giving you the power to make better and faster decisions.

  • Highly intuitive – easily modify filters or create custom dashboards
  • Built in standard dashboards – to get you started quickly
  • Permission-based access
  • One-click share – share with other users with access, export entire dashboard to PDFs, and download or print certain elements
  • Vastly customizable – virtually unlimited options for segmenting data
    • Modify filters
    • Add more filters
    • Include/exclude data points
    • Change the chart type

You’re in Good Company

70% of DataServ clients have been with us 10+ years.

Comprehensive Integrated Solution

We’ve seen it all; we can anticipate what you need!

Unlike other AP automation solutions, ongoing client support and training are included. Our Tier 1, 2, and 3 support is robust. We are there to help with user issues, help management set up new workflows, or help your IT team uncover why something is not syncing the way it once did. Our experts also set up onboarding sessions to train your new staff members on our Accounts Payable solution.

Initialiazation Icon

We take a unique approach to initialization. For speed, the first “80%” is our standard software solution that establishes industry best practices. The other 20% is custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of your accounts payable processes.

Comprehensive Client Support Icon
Comprehensive Client Support

AP automation software shouldn’t mean more work for your team. Users are trained and supported every step of the way and have access to U.S.-based 24/7 support.

Integration Icon

We can integrate with any accounting system — from ERPs to MRPs to Financial Management to Email in both software and cloud environments.

Mobile Capabilities Icon

Our mobile approval applications and email alerts give your organization and accounts payable department the access you need.

Document Retention Icon
Document Retention and Destruction

Documents and invoice data can be retained or destroyed based on industry rules and regulations and your company’s needs.

Global Footprint Icon
Global Footprint

Our Accounts Payable solutions include currency conversion capabilities and browser language choices to support users in 50 countries.

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Approval Matrix

Reduce Risk and Increase Transparency

DataServ's Accounts Payable process can reduce your cost of compliance with automatic currency conversion and built-in controls for all countries.

Global Approval Matrix
DataServ documents delegation of authority, and automatically converts thresholds across any form of currency. Our Accounts Payable automation software can convert any currency, using the real-time exchange rate to simplify approvals and ensure accuracy.
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Global eInvoicing Mandates
Accounts payable invoice automation will help you keep compliant with eInvoicing initiatives around the globe – no matter the country or technical requirements.
Learn More

Vendor & Expense Management


Vendor Inquiry
Offer secure access directly to your vendors who are inquiring about payment reconciliation, status, or invoice issue resolution.
Learn More

Vendor Setup
Grant accounts payable employees and vendors the ability to facilitate the collection of data for new vendor onboarding, upload critical documentation, and make key information updates with a set approval process for control.
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Confidential Vendors

Check Request
Our accounts payable automation solution allows your employees to request payment on demand when invoices or credit cards just aren’t feasible.
Learn More

Expense Report Automation
Enable your accounts payable department and other employees to submit expense information, capture receipt images, and provide expense data back to your system for automated processing.
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Workflow Path-AP page

Vendor Visibility: Vendors can log in to track the status of their supplier invoices. Learn More

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AP Automation Software FAQs

What is AP Automation Software?

Accounts payable automation (or AP automation) is the concept of using tailored software systems to automate and streamline accounts payable processes through traceable electronic invoices. An AP automation solution maximizes efficiency while minimizing the potential for mistakes common in antiquated, manual systems. Advanced accounts payable automation systems, like those offered by DataServ, offer added features such as document retention and destruction, analytics and dashboards, and integrated mobile capabilities.

How much money does AP automation software save?

An effective and efficient accounts payable invoice automation system can be a game-changer for your business. However, breaking your cost savings down to a concrete and specific dollar amount is dependent on a wide variety of variables. We can say that the right single stream invoicing accounts payable automation software system can reduce manual filing and processing times by up to 80 percent. AP automation solutions reduce invoice processing costs and dramatically improve payment accuracy. That equates to less time rustling papers and more time focused on value-added tasks necessary to improve customer relations and grow your business.

What is paperless document management?

Paperless document management is a system in which hard copy files and documents are migrated to a digital format. A concept adopted by more and more businesses each year, paperless document management is the eco-friendly solution for boosting efficiencies, improving accuracy, and cutting costs associated with supplies and administrative labor. DataServ’s AutoVouch™, for example, transforms complicated and mistake-prone paper systems into a seamless transactional process that virtually eliminates the potential for human error. AutoVouch uses SaaS OCR technology to migrate paper documents into convenient digital formats to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy at all times.

What are the benefits of AP automation solutions?

Sticking true to the old “time is money” adage, the two biggest attractions to accounts payable automation go hand in hand: time savings and money savings. By automating your accounts payable processes and procedures, you’re saving your business valuable clerical hours and virtually eliminating the potential for errors. AP automation streamlines business processes top to bottom and can vastly improve your company’s productivity and potential for growth. Without the burden of constant manual processing and filing tasks, your staff can focus their time, energy, and talents on building for the future of your business.

What is automated purchase order matching?

Purchase order matching (or PO matching) is the accounts payable process of comparing purchasing documents and invoices to ensure that delivered goods and services, as well as incurred payments, are accurate and in check with one another. When done manually, the labor-intensive process can be daunting and take quite some time. Automated purchase order matching software, like DataServ’s AutoVouch™system, can knock out the time-consuming process in a fraction of the time and with superior accuracy.

How do I streamline an AP approval process?

Accounts payable automation software, like that offered by DataServ, is highly customizable and designed to streamline every step of the accounts payable processes, including AP approval. For instance, DataServ automation software boasts automated approval routing which can be customized based on your approval matrix and chain of command up to three levels. By automating AP approval processes, you’ll keep everyone on the same page with regard to AP procedures while minimizing the risk for costly mistakes or oversights.

How does AP Automation improve document management?

AP automation software takes those dusty and cumbersome documents from your file room and digitizes them, keeping everything you need organized and easily accessible at all times. No more misplaced or misfiled documents and no more rummaging through file cabinets to find what you need. Every document is literally at your fingertips and backed up via the cloud. Furthermore, document retention and destruction processes can be set up to meet your company’s needs as well.

What is automated workflow?

A workflow is the sequence of administrative processes that a project or piece of work must pass between initiation to completion. More often than not, this involves touches by several members and/or departments throughout your organization, and if not done efficiently and effectively, items can be overlooked and mistakes can be made. Automated workflow, by contrast, takes these processes and streamlines them digitally. DataServ SaaS workflow is designed to automate routing, approvals, work queues, notices, and more in a constant effort at keeping all key players on the same page and working toward the same goal. Doing so dramatically improves productivity while cutting costs and minimizing the potential for error.

What is OCR scanning?

OCR scanning, or optical character recognition scanning, is a convenient feature that allows words and characters within a scanned document to be recognized, rather than just seeing the entire document as a single, static image. This allows users throughout your organization to access editable and customizable documents simply by typing in a name, purchase order ID, item number, or any other key piece of information. DataServ uses SaaS-based OCR in our world-renowned Digital Mailroom to convert our client’s documents from paper to digital.

What is touchless invoice processing?

Touchless invoice processing allows for quick, efficient, and accurate invoice processing through a sharable digital platform. The DataServ AutoVouch™ system, for example, converts paper documents into digital data and processes invoices based on a two or three-way match. Transactions can be set up to automatically flow into your business’s ERP system to be scheduled for payment without being “touched” by a single administrative staff member.

What is the ROI with AP automation software?

Obviously there are a number of variables that can affect your AP automation ROI: the size of your business, the cost of your labor, the price point of your goods and services, and so on and so forth. In general, however, DataServ clients routinely see a per-invoice return on investment of between five and fifteen dollars. Try our ROI Estimator to calculate your potential return on investment.

Can AP automation software integrate with ERP systems?

Yes! It is certainly possible for AP automation software to integrate with ERP systems. DataServ can seamlessly integrate with virtually any ERP! After undergoing a “pre-ERP” two or three-way matching system to ensure accuracy, invoices flow into your ERP system for payment scheduling without being “touched” by a single staff member.

What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing, or electronic invoicing, is the process of digitizing your company’s invoicing systems, therefore reducing time, labor, and mailing costs. One misconception we hear quite often is that simply doing invoicing by email constitutes e-invoicing. To clarify, emailing a PDF or TIFF invoice to a client, having them print it out, fill it out by hand, re-scan, and email back is not true e-invoicing. At DataServ, we consider true e-invoicing to mean the implementation of OCR software, the option for digital populating, and an invoicing process that is truly paper-free and 100 percent automated.

What are AP automation best practices?

For a complete and filterable list of articles, guides, case studies, videos, and other helpful resources relating specifically to AP automation best practices, visit our Best Practices page.

How can AP automation improve efficiency?

Automating accounts payable processes improves efficiency by allowing your team to skip the time-consuming, and potentially errorsome manual processing tasks necessary to maintain accurate records. By digitizing AP documents, and streamlining workflow, you’re freeing your team from these menial administrative tasks and allowing them to focus their energy on steps to grow and improve your company.

What are common features of AP automation software?

Accounts payable automation software comes in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to make sure that the provider you choose for your business is able to meet every one of your AP automation needs. Here are the most desired features we come across in client discovery calls:

  • Digitize data at 99%+ accuracy
  • Support for multiple PO types
  • PO matching with AutoVouch
  • Touchless non-PO automated approval routing and coding
  • Route data to ANY ERP
  • Tailored dashboards & analytics
  • Workflows tailored to a business’s unique needs
  • Centralized processing for multiple locations
How do you measure accounts payable performance?

Measuring performance as it relates to accounts payable comes down to analyzing the time and resources necessary to complete a single invoice. For instance, what is your cost per processed invoice? What is the average time per processed invoice? How many invoices are processed per employee per day? In taking the time to break down each of these figures, you’ll find that accounts payable automation may very well be a worthwhile investment and pay for itself in no time. DataServ makes this easy with our built-in analytics and dashboards.

How do we manage paper invoices?

As much as we aim to make business AP processes completely paperless, sometimes you’re bound to have a client that insists on doing things the old-fashioned way. That’s where our Digital Mailroom comes into play. We receive invoices on your behalf in any format, via any source, even paper. Within 24 hours that paper document has been digitized through our SaaS-based OCR, undergone a 5-step verification process, and been made available for you in DataServ. We then retain or destroy documents based on industry rules and regulations and your company’s needs.