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  • When we approached DataServ, our accounts payable process was disjointed and we had a three-week document processing backlog. We would have considered it a win to reduce our backlog to just one week. Today, DataServ's AP automation has eliminated our backlog, and we don’t consider that a win … we consider that a slam dunk!

    Randy Cummiskey, Controller
    Ohio Transmission Corporation — Client since 2016

  • From the beginning, the Client Support team at DataServ was very knowledgeable about our AP process, which was really helpful. I didn’t feel the need to spend a lot of time explaining in detail what I needed. Whether I was emailing or calling the support solution desk, the response time was always impressive. I really felt comfortable knowing the team was there to assist with whatever issues I needed to get resolved. DataServ has an outstanding Client Support team!

    Yvonne Chambers, AP Manager
    Nidec Motor Corporation — Client since 2003

  • The DataServ AP automation solution has provided approximately 30% gains in efficiency in the departments where it’s been implemented. A large part of that can be attributed to our newfound ability to route invoices around our company via email for approvals and analysis. We now have metrics we can use to monitor our productivity which is something we never had before. In the end, this AP automation has resulted in better invoice control and a better managed AP document process.

    Joe Zulich, P2P Process Manager
    White-Rodgers — Client since 2003

AP Automation: Simple and Powerful Solutions

Tailored Accounts Payable Automation that reduces costs, frees staff, mitigates fraud, and streamlines processes.
Workflow Automation Icon

Invoice Workflow Automation

Everything is tailored to the way you run your business; routing and approvals are based on your matrix and rules. Invoices are coded to match your ERP’s general ledger avoiding duplication and confusion. 

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Purchase Order & Requisition Icon

Purchase Order & Requisition

Take the smart approach for meeting your flexible purchasing needs. Efficiently request, route, approve, audit, and process either requisitions or purchase orders with Purchase Order & Requisition Process Automation.

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Vendor Portal Icon

Vendor Portal

Offer secure access directly to your vendors who are looking for payment status or invoice issue resolution. Vendor access, information availability, and search capabilities can all be tailored to your business rules and processes.

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Direct Ship Automation Icon

Direct Ship Automation

For distributors that take advantage of the benefits of direct ship from a manufacturer and experience the pain of routing invoices through multiple channels and long DSO times, Direct Ship Automation can be worth its weight in gold.

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Global Approval Matrix

Global Approval Matrix

Your company is operating in a global economy with many different currencies and exchange rates. Set up currency controls in your invoice approval process so rules are in place, regardless of the currencies in which your vendors invoice.

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Touchless Invoice Processing Icon

Touchless Invoice Processing

Make the most of your PO process by having the majority of your PO invoices automatically scheduled for payment by using the latest in Artificial Intelligence.

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Expense Report Automation Icon

Expense Report Automation

Our Expense Report Automation Solution is perfect for companies with moderate travel and a large, occasional-user population. The easy-to-use interface and integrated rules reduce support and maintenance and the software is tailored to fit your workflow like a glove.

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Vendor Setup Request Icon

Vendor Setup Request

A simple approach to helping your team request new vendors while keeping costs low and the process streamlined.

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Digital Mailroom Icon

Single Stream Digital Mailroom

Make ‘going paperless’ a reality. Everything is OCR scanned for clean, usable data. Index, validate, and match with a click. Any document or file type (paper, email, PDF, fax, EDI) is converted and put through our 5-point quality assurance process to ensure 99% pre-ERP accuracy.

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Results Delivered

P2P Benefit-Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Single stream invoice processing solutions eliminate the manual keying and document handling that plagues most accounts payable departments. Eliminating these steps reduces time spent by 80% and provides 99% pre-ERP data accuracy.

P2P Benefit-Staff Freed to Focus on Value-Added Tasks

Staff Freed to Focus on
Value-Added Tasks

Eliminating manual tasks frees your accounts payable staff to focus on value-added tasks such as reporting and analytics, increasing communication with suppliers, better maintenance of the vendor master, negotiating more early-pay discounts, helping error-prone suppliers, and strengthening fraud controls.

P2P Benefit-Streamlined Processes

Streamlined Processes

Make ‘going paperless’ a reality. Everything is scanned, processed by optical character recognition (OCR) and ran through our quality assurance process producing 99% accurate, clean, usable data. Index, validate, and approve with a click.

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 P2P Features

Reporting & Dashboards Icon

Intelligent Reporting & Dashboards

On-demand access to the reports and dashboards you need to successfully run your business are readily displayed for actionable at-a-glance information. The reports you want will be waiting for you and past queries are automatically saved (along with your time).

Comprehensive Client Support Icon

Comprehensive Client Support

Increased automation shouldn’t mean more work for your team. Users are trained and supported every step of the way.

Initialization Icon


Our Initialization is a proprietary SaaS methodology with the “best of both worlds” — you don’t have to sacrifice results for a lower price. Standards and best practices are built in, but we include Tailoring by our consultants to fit your unique business.

Document Retention and Destruction Icon

Document Retention and Destruction

Documents can be retained or destroyed based on industry rules and regulations and your company’s needs.

Single Sign-On Icon

Single Sign-On

Enhance security and simplify your user experience by extending your Single Sign-On (SSO) to DataServ solutions. After a simple and speedy initialization, your team will have the ease of use they need to work more efficiently.

Mobile Capabilities Icon

Mobile Capabilities

When a smart phone or tablet are the devices at your fingertips, so are our solutions. The workflow automation process never has to slow down just because someone is away from the workplace. Our mobile-accessible applications and email alerts give your organization the access you need.

Global Access Icon

Global Access

Serving the needs of organizations worldwide, our SaaS solutions include currency conversion capabilities, browser language choices & translation, and 24/7 support for users in some 50 countries.

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