Purchase to Pay Software as a Service


Simplified, money-saving accounts payable automation solutions that work. No, seriously.

Frustrated by manually keying data, processes that are difficult to manage, and never-ending paper shuffling? DataServ can help. Our Purchase to Pay automation solution leverages the cloud to simplify accounts payable by eliminating paper and streamlining processes, and it provides 30 to 45 days of increased visibility into your payable obligations. Take advantage of more supplier discounts and free your organization from tedious manual tasks and paper shuffling. DataServ will tailor our solution to work the way you want it to, without the high cost of customization.

 Our experience helping with AP automation processes for clients around the world ensures we bring experience, perspective, and best practices for your accounts payable workflow automation and document management objectives.

If you are looking for a genuine and authentic AP workflow automation process that is right for you today and adjusts to meet the needs of your organization in the future, talk with DataServ. We can help.

Our solution includes:

Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom

  • Invoice receipt, scanning, data capture and quality assurance — Our Digital Mailroom takes any document — invoices, statements, tax assessments, utility bills, etc. — in any format, including faxes, EDI, regular mail, email attachments, etc., and accurately scans and converts them to images/data that you can quickly and easily route for approval.
  • Our OCR scanning options include the use of our proprietary Invoice Processing Machine™, the world’s first SaaS Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Our scanning and data capture will greatly improve your invoice processing by taking all the guesswork (and hard work) out of OCR.
  • Our process guarantees 99% clean usable data. Your team won’t have to spend hours manually entering data. We’re so confident in our approach that we’ll price our service to you based on this guarantee — all the learning costs are on us — so you can be sure we’ll deliver the best, most accurate and cost efficient results to you.
  • Indexing, validation, and matching — If more than 50% of your invoices are generated through a purchase order (PO), we can save you even more money through AutoVouch™. AutoVouch is our "pre ERP" 2- or 3-way match process that compares invoice data, PO information, and receiving data to complete a thorough quality check. Invoices that meet your requirements are passed immediately through to your ERP for payment. No human touch is necessary. FACT: Some DataServ clients are processing more than 80% of their invoices this way, saving time, money, and aggravation.

Workflow automation — coding and approvals available through your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Access DataServ’s easy-to-use, web-based workflow from anywhere you have an Internet connection. This is accounts payable workflow automation at its best. You’ll receive email notifications of invoices or documents requiring your attention. We will work with you during our initialization/startup to tailor the routing and approval process to your approval matrix and business rules.


Reporting — Our comprehensive reporting provides on-demand access to the reports and performance statistics needed to successfully manage your Purchase to Pay process. Our clients enjoy access to hundreds of pre-defined reports. If that isn’t enough, our saved search and query features provide complete access to the information you need, when and how you need it.

Change Management

Change management assistance — Change can be difficult. With proven tools such as our Rapid Adoption KitTM provided at no extra charge, we help your people embrace your new way of doing business.


Tailored initial and ongoing user and management training — Developed for you and reflecting your specific automation process, we also will assist in delivering training, both initially and as new people are introduced to the process.

User Support

Comprehensive user support — Since automation should make your life easier, not harder, DataServ offers both first- and second-tier user support. We handle it all so you can enjoy the benefits of increased automation.


Ongoing upgrades and new releases — Done at no additional cost, our SaaS platform includes regular upgrades to keep your business process fresh and your performance high.

Doc Retention

Document retention and destruction. Our services include complete document retention and destruction, based upon your rules and requirements.

Our accounts payable automation solution harnesses the power of DataServ’s Document-centric™ workflow and SaaS technology. You’ll enjoy an AP automation solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

When it comes to your accounts payable automation solutions, you can rely on DataServ.

We make it simple. We make it work.SM