Approve invoices on the go.

The last thing you want to do is hold up payment to the vendors that help keep your organization running smoothly just because your approver is away from his or her desk. A late payment can result in a damaged vendor relationship or the loss of payment discounts – or even worse, financial penalties. No one wants that just because someone isn’t able to get in front of their computer to approve the invoice.

Now you and the buyers in your organization can approve most invoices anywhere at any time from a mobile device. Approvers can view invoice details, an image of the original invoice, and any discussion items. Our streamlined display makes it easy for one-click approvals and rejections, saving time.

Mobile invoice queueCheck the invoice queue
Mobile invoice fieldsReview critical invoice fields
Mobile invoiceSee the actual invoice

If your organization requires multiple levels of approval after an invoice has been received and coded, our mobile approval capabilities provide quick and simple access for second-level approvers and above. In addition, you can view training resources and submit support tickets from your mobile device.

No need to be at your desk – approve those invoices on the go with a click of a button!




Take a look at our Mobile Approval overview, and then let's talk!