Does this situation sound familiar? You need to pay a vendor, but you’re still waiting on approval for the invoice. The approver isn’t on the AP team, so it’s likely not a top priority for her – or, at least, she doesn’t feel the same urgency that you do to get invoices paid on time. The invoice may be sitting in her email queue, or worse, a hard copy may be buried on her desk somewhere. She’s gotten (and ignored) reminders, and the invoice due date is looming. Soon you’ll have to pay late fees, and your organization runs the risk of harming your relationship with the vendor. What can you do to make it easier on approvers to get their part of the job done?


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The reality is that there may not be anything that you can do personally – but your P2P automation software can. P2P automation software is designed to make the payments process easier for all parties involved and keep everyone happy, from vendors to AP processors to approvers.

Here are just a few of the ways P2P automation software simplifies the process for invoice approvers. If your software (or paper-based process!) doesn’t offer these solutions, maybe it’s time to find one that does. (Oh, did we mention that all of these solutions are included standard with the DataServ P2P platform? Check out more here.)

Mobile Capabilities

It’s not uncommon for your colleagues to work in “untraditional” spaces these days. You likely have remote employees who work from home, different departments scattered in different cities, and colleagues who are often on the road. That’s why your P2P solution needs strong mobile capabilities. When your colleagues need on-the-go access to approve invoices, the process needs to be simple and fast.

Our mobile capabilities provide easy access for one-click approvals and rejections of most invoices. Pre-coded invoices without a PO are automatically available for mobile approval, along with invoice details, an image of the original invoice, and any discussion items.

If your organization requires multiple levels of approval after an invoice has been received and coded, our mobile capabilities are a perfect solution for second-level approvers and above. In addition, your colleagues can view training resources and submit support tickets directly from their mobile devices.

Check Request

Sometimes employees outside of the AP team will need to request payment on demand when invoices or credit card payments just aren’t feasible. A purchase may be so unique or urgent that an invoice isn’t possible, like taxes due to state governments, an advance deposit on a rental, or the payment of a utility bill.

For these situations and more, DataServ has an automated Check Request solution. Check Request offers a consistent workflow across any payment type. That is critical because, even though check requests require a different approach, they still require the same financial controls as the rest of the P2P process, including workflow approvals and duplication avoidance. Check Request will stand up to an approval matrix and an audit check.

Plus, with Check Request, any organization can fully take paper out of the P2P process, while building in speed and ease with just one interface for all types of payments. This automation will consistently minimize issues with the aforementioned on-the-go employees – and that is especially important with the time sensitive payments required under Check Request.

Single Sign-on

Give your colleagues the ease and security of extending your single sign-on capabilities to DataServ. Log in just once with one set of credentials and get access to DataServ. No more remembering different usernames and passwords – and even better, no more worrying about security issues with your colleagues writing down (and losing track of) their multiple log-in credentials!


When it’s easy for your approvers to work in your P2P platform, it results in a win for everyone. Approvers are happy to quickly check tasks off their to-do list without having more and more notices pile up on their desk or in their inbox. Once they find out how simple it is, they’ll spread the word, and overall user adoption of your P2P software will increase.

The AP team is happy that vendors are paid timely and late fees are avoided. When invoices are approved quickly, your organization may even be able to save more money with early pay discounts.

And your vendors are happy because, well, they’re getting their money on time without having to send multiple payment inquiries. That’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face!

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