A Better Way to Visibility

We’re all learning new lessons these days as we figure out how to continue with business processes during a global pandemic. Working from home, connecting via virtual meetings, and trying to avoid the allure of the fridge 15 times a day when it’s five feet from your workspace – we’re all figuring out our rhythm for these situations.

It’s Become Clear that the Answers Aren’t So Clear

What we’re also realizing is that quick, accurate, and timely data to help you make better and faster decisions is more valuable than ever. We all need to be able to pivot! Especially with financial liabilities as you manage invoices, processes, payments, and vendors. Access to data has always been important, but for many now it’s the path to resiliency. As the business atmosphere changes every day, gathering data when, where, and how you need it is essential.

Metrics? You Got It!

I recently had the chance to work with clients to design an Analytics capability for our AP automation solutions.

DataServ's Analytics

Step 1: 

It was important to start with turning data into easily understood and shared metrics and graphs that illustrate, at a glance, our clients’ AP health. Giving them an improved view of their organization.

Step 2: 

Next, we built it so AP power users could grant other team members access to the information.

Step 3: 

We also added in the ability to modify and filter existing dashboards – or have users create their own – if the data was needed in a different way or with different graphs.

Step 4: 

Of course, these analytics, like our solution, needed to be cloud-based to give clients access from anywhere at any time.

Drumroll Please

I’m happy to announce the launch of DataServ’s new Analytics capabilities which enables clients to quickly and cleanly see the data, metrics, and graphs pertaining to their organization’s AP documents and processes. Dashboards like Aging or Invoice Matching or Vendor Not Found. Now, more than ever, AP teams need to be able to get accurate and fast information about their company’s financial health

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