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We’re eager to work with any company that can benefit from AP process automation, but we’ve had a lot of success with companies in the following categories.

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DataServ - Manufacturing AP Automation Experts

Yes, we can automate your workflows to modernize, create efficiency, and speed up payments so you can take advantage of vendor discounts. But that’s not what makes us EXPERTS in Manufacturing AP! 

Normalize to Optimize   

DataServ is the authority on specificity and normalization. Our advanced logic and matching methodology allow us to put the invoice in the optimal position to successfully match accurately. We take a unique approach by starting with specific matching rules and then broadening them to match the tolerance of your ERP.

  • Reduce the risk of fraud in accounting processes

  • Systematically ensure that transactions are processed with consistent processes and controls

  • Provide visibility into the process to support strategic planning and decisions

  • Clear the noise that can impede automation - (extra spaces, dashes, etc.) 

  • Normalize different units of measurement to increase automated matching potential
  • Support for multiple PO types – our system distinguishes between different PO types (Services, MRO, Inventory)
    • Change how quantities and pricing are matched
  • After completing an automated 3-way match in DataServ, the pertinent data is sent to your ERP for payment along with a link to the invoice image
  • Automatically identify discrepancies and route exceptions to the appropriate staff member and location for processing




It’s these unique capabilities and our deep expertise that ultimately creates efficiency for AP teams in Manufacturing. Your once manual, labor-intensive process will become a paperless, centralized, and automated machine, where best practices are maximized and risks are minimized!

Manufacturers Already Automating With DataServ

Nidec Logo

“Significantly reduced the number of invoices that were being manually keyed. It wasn’t long before we could see a reduction in errors. But also seeing a decline in the number of invoice exceptions.”

Yvonne Chambers
AP Supervisor
Nidec Motor Corporation

Wente Logo

“We’ve benefited from choosing a partner with years of experience and one that’s a leader in document management outsourcing. Invoices are getting paid on time more frequently, and they aren’t getting lost.”

Art Jeannet
Senior Vice President & Director of Financial Operations
Wente Vineyards

PolyOne Logo

“We’re able to take advantage of discounts because we get the invoices within 24 hours of the time that they’re sent versus having someone sort them, key them, put them in alphabetical order.”

Krista Van De Wiele
Accounts Payable Manager
PolyOne Corporation

Liebert Logo

“The improvements our department gained were almost instantaneous. Many of our processes improved, including our short-pay and approval processes, which were challenging and involved a lot of people and time.”

Wendy White
P2P Process Improvement Manager
Liebert Corporation

How DataServ Simplifies Wholesale & Distribution AP

Decentralization and direct shipping are the biggest challenges facing Wholesale & Distribution AP teams. But not those partnered with DataServ!


Matrix - Locations

DataServ brings together vendor invoice, purchase order, and receipt data for multinational companies. Our Wholesale and Distribution expertise shines through our unique approach to exception management. We drive a high level of automation matches due to our deep understanding of distinct differentiators among each purchase type. Incorporating the following will help you achieve cost/transaction benchmarks:

  • Collaborative Intelligence – We leverage the best of what Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence have to offer, to promote best practices and perpetual improvement
  • Centralized Processing – All location, invoice, date, PO, and receipt data in one, easily accessible place
  • Exception Management – Different approaches for automated exception routing, based on purchase type
    • Controls in place to maximize straight through processing
    • Prevent prematurely forcing unnecessary exceptions - I.e. Don't flag exceptions for invoices with goods yet to be received

Remove Invoicing Delays for Direct Ship Orders

DataServ’s Direct Ship Automation sends AP invoice data to your ERP to feed the “receipts” portion of the system, triggering AR invoice creation.

  • Eliminate manual keying for AR to direct ship entry
  • Decrease time to bill the client — shorten DSO times
  • Reduce paper routing between AP and AR


Direct Ship Automation

Distributors and Warehouses Thriving With DataServ

Wiese Logo

“We’ve cut down on the amount of paper invoices. And with our payable system, if the invoice matches the PO, the process is automatic. I never have to approve it. It has cut payable time down to a fraction.”

Service Coordinator
Wiese USA

Arbill Logo

“DataServ’s AP automation solution addressed most of the scenarios we experience, and after discussing additional features, they were able to design a process that matches exactly to what we were looking for when it comes to automating invoice processing.”

Tatiana Lvova
Business Process Manager

Lykins Logo

“We didn’t have control over invoices at all. We have 24 locations, and everyone was doing everything differently. Now they’re all coming in one stream and showing up 20-30 days earlier and everyone can work on them electronically.”

Bob Manning
Vice President/CFO
Lykins Energy Solution

Ohio Transmission Corporation Logo

When we approached DataServ, our accounts payable process was disjointed and we had a three-week document processing backlog. Today, DataServ's AP automation has eliminated our backlog, and we don’t consider that a win...we consider that a slam dunk!”

Randy Cummiskey
Corporate Controller
Ohio Transmission Corporation