Since 1994, companies have trusted their Accounts Payable department with DataServ.

This is why.

Expect more with DataServ

Number 1

 Client-First Belief


The DataServ Guarantee

Our business model is built on long-term relationships. We are only successful if your team members use the solution to achieve the desired benefits. We stay with you until our solution works to your satisfaction, and we continually assess performance and bring you fresh ideas for improvement during regular Executive Business Reviews. Our guarantee reads:

If clients are not completely satisfied with our automation solutions and related services under the terms of the agreement, and we cannot correct the issue, clients may cancel the service agreement and DataServ will return all documents and data.

10-Year Rule

We wrote the “10 Year Rule” – setting our sights on keeping every client for at least 10 years – before we had our first client. Our results in this area have far surpassed our expectations – delivering a sustained client retention rate of nearly 100%.

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Consultative Approach

We provide more than software. We share our knowledge, advice, expertise, and experience of the business process with our clients every step of the way. We don't just sell you software and leave you to figure it out. We assign our project manager to develop a well laid plan to make this transition simple and effective. Our trainers deliver live training sessions so you can ask your questions and get real-time feedback.

Fair Pricing Model

Clients appreciate our fair, flexible and predictable pricing model that delivers a strong return on investment in both time and money. Our fixed-fee startup costs and clear monthly pricing assure that there will be no surprises.

Fair Pricing Scale

Number 2


 We do what they just can't.

DataServ's Accounts Payable Solutions and Features

One platform for all your needs

One platform, one software, one dedicated partner; no need to struggle with different user interfaces, manage multiple vendors, or cobble together a process that “might“ work for you. DataServ automation solutions are powerful, integrated, and manage every step of the process and automation for Accounts Payable.

The Best of Both Worlds!

We offer clients the best of both worlds: a solution that's 80% industry standard and 20% tailored. This allows us to offer a solution with quick implementation, at an accessible price; that’s customized where it matters most.


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Collaborative Intelligence

We leverage the best of what Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence have to offer, to promote best practices and perpetual improvement.

Automation in Days!

We understand that once you have made the decision to shift to a digital process, you want to start experiencing benefits quickly. DataServ can have a digital document workflow and the most essential features live in just days.



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Change management tools

As part of our solution, we include a Rapid Adoption Kit™ and our project initialization team remains in place as long as needed. Ensuring that your team members and suppliers effectively adapt to the new way of doing business ultimately determines success. Our Rapid Adoption Kit is proven to ease the burden and make the transition as seamless and painless as possible!

No Effort Document Intake

DataServ’s Digital Mailroom is truly one of a kind. We receive all of your incoming documents from any source, in any format. Our team then uses a SaaS-based OCR to capture all the data. From there, our highly trained staff executes a 5-step QA process, resulting in over 99% clean data ready to process into any ERP within 24 hours.



Number 3



Start With a Bite-Sized Solution

With DataServ, there is less risk and no large upfront commitment. You can start small, perhaps with a simple function, process, location or “bite-size”. Together we’ll establish a roadmap and build your solution one step at a time. Our SaaS platform, scalable pricing model, and Agile methodology guarantee your satisfaction at each step.


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Sewing Machine

Tailored Solution

Much like a tailor works with you to take a standard shirt and make it the perfect fit, we begin with our standard software solution, then provide an extensive range of options to create a solution that is a perfect match for your company's needs. We bend our technology to fit you, not the other way around.


ERP Integration

DataServ's cloud Integration Experience has been gained across multiple industries, continents and platforms. Our software has been successfully integrated with numerous business systems — from ERPs to MRPs to Financial Management to Email in both traditional on-premise software and cloud environments. All our solutions include integration with your ERP or other system of record. We not only provide the data, we can also make document images appear at the “click of a button” from any screen inside your ERP.


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Don’t just take our word for it – Hear it from our customers

Rack Room Logo“DataServ worked with us to make sure our needs were met. We are still working with them to tweak things here and there to improve our process. Partnership is key.”


American Senior Communities“You have an account manager that stays with you, this is so important. I like knowing I can go to them and know I will get the Gold Star Treatment.”


Ohio Transmission Corporation“Our process was disjointed and we had a three-week document processing backlog. Today, our backlog has been reduced, and we consider that a slam dunk!”


Nidec Motor Corporation“AutoVouch™ reduced the number of invoices that were being manually keyed. It wasn’t long before we could see a reduction in errors and invoice exceptions.”


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