View the "Walking a Mile in Rack Room’s Shoes: An AP Automation Story" webinar.

560,000 vendor invoices annually. 480 retail stores. 35 states. 1 accounts payable team.

As one of the largest footwear retailers in the U.S., Rack Room Shoes felt the pain of manual and paper processes in its AP workflows. In this webinar, Rack Room’s AP manager, Keri Morgan – along with Jeff Haller, CEO and co-founder of DataServ, and Tony Mattera, solutions consultant at DataServ – will walk through Rack Room’s phased approach to an AP automation solution, which ultimately resulted in: 
  • Fewer exceptions
  • Reduced costs 
  • More transparency 
  • Unlocked hidden value 
View the webinar to learn how your organization can walk the walk and see the same benefits from a tailored AP automation solution. 

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