“Finding Value in Accounts Payable Invoice Automation.”

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If end-to-end procure-to-pay (P2P) is a disruptive revolution for a business, many consider Accounts Payable Invoice Automation (APIA) a more manageable evolution.

With the millennial workforce’s call for remote work, the tedious undertaking of manually processing paper documents, and lack of visibility, the need for automation is now at the top of many priority lists. Businesses are exploring ways to quickly save money, increase productivity, and improve visibility. Their research brings them to a crossroads, P2P or APIA.

While automating the entire P2P process will boost administrative efficiencies and reduce finance and procurement operation costs, for most organizations this represents a major business process transformation not right for every company.

The trend is now moving towards APIA, because it provides robust change with a simplified transformation process, making it more likely to be a success. Why is AP automation more likely to be successful? Because the investment is smaller, the ROI is faster, and the benefits are HUGE.

Hot topics covered in this eBook:

  • A comparison of P2P and APIA
  • An overview of advanced APIA features & technologies
  • What is causing this megatrend toward APIA
  • How to know if you’re ready for APIA
  • How to find the right APIA provider