For many businesses, keeping up with the accounts payable process is a constant battle. AP automation can mean significant savings in costs and efficiency - reducing personnel costs and increasing accuracy - depending on the chosen approach. Most companies choose one of three paths:

  • Scanning all documents before or after processing work is done
  • Requiring vendors to load invoice data into the company’s ERP
  • Going beyond simple invoice scanning to data capture through optical character recognition (OCR)

Companies who choose the OCR path then have two additional choices to make – whether to purchase/license on-premise software or choose a SaaS-based OCR. What’s the difference between the two? There can be substantial differences with everything from speed of deployment to total cost of ownership, not to mention quality of output.

At this point, you may be thinking, “All I wanted was a solution to our AP automation issue!” Fortunately, the DataServ team has a guide to answering all these questions and more, so if you’re exploring an invoice automation solution for your company,  download our white paper on "The Right Scanning & OCR Strategy for Effective AP Automationto learn more.

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