One challenge we often hear from AP staff is, “So, sometimes this happens. How are you going to deal with that?”

They’re usually a little surprised when we say (nicely, of course), “We aren’t; you are.”

The truth is that it would be foolish for us to try to build around all of the outliers and exceptions to each process we automate. That’s not supportable or sustainable. What we do is build an AP automation solution that will dependably, accurately, and efficiently deal with the 80 percent of invoices that follow the rule so that you have the bandwidth to deal with the 20 percent that don’t.


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DataServ’s solution not only deals with the 80 percent, taking that part of your process completely off of your plate, but it also identifies the outliers and exceptions – pushing them back to you for handling. Because the things that fall out as exceptions involve thought and judgment. These are the issues that your staff is best suited to handle. And, when the repetitive tasks are being outsourced, handling these issues is easier and more satisfying. You see, when your staff is mostly wrapped up in rote tasks, the exceptions are more painful because they’re so buried in regular work that they don’t have time to deal with them. But, when these same issues are their primary responsibility each day, they become highly valued specialists instead of data processors and paper chasers.

The other thing a good automation process will do is help you figure out why things are falling out as an exception. We track failures so that we can tell you why things fail. That allows you to do the analysis to get to the root cause of your failures and exceptions. We then make process adjustments with you that result in fewer and fewer issues being pushed back to you for resolution.

Most companies really don’t know how many exceptions they’re dealing with or why those exceptions exist. They just know it’s painful. They don’t have any kind of tracking to diagnose and correct their process, nor do they have the time to research and resolve issues, get ahead of problems, or clean up data and fine tune their systems. Automation changes all that. Not only do you have time to resolve issues and proactively update systems to prevent them, you have the information you need to do so systematically.

So no, we don’t build a system that deals with every exception. We tailor your system to reliably deal with 80 percent or more. Which means you get the ability to reduce the number of exceptions, reduce the pain of exceptions, and increase the consistency of information.

If you have any additional questions about why you really don't want a solution that handles everything, contact us.


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