As more companies around the globe take precautionary measures to help stop the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19 by encouraging remote work, the good news is technology is available to do a great deal of work outside of the office. The bad news is not everyone is using it as much or as well as it could be used.


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One of the business functions that can take a big hit in situations like this is invoice payments, and the breakdown can happen anywhere from receipt to intake to coding to approval. If your system is still paper-based, tracking down the right people to enter, code and then secure the right approvals at the right time might be driving you nuts right about now.

Fortunately, DataServ has solutions like our Digital Mailroom that moves clients away from the restrictions of a paper-dependent system, setting the stage for invoices to be processed and approved anywhere at any time and entirely eliminating manual data entry for you. How? By capturing and converting all of your incoming documents sent to us via mail at our St. Louis document capture facility, by courier, fax, email, FTP, remote capture, or electronic invoice receipt (EDI). Once scanned – and our batch capabilities ensure we can handle large scanning jobs – DataServ provides you with clean, easily viewed data and images from anywhere in the world with internet access. And if mobile is your approvers’ access preference, they can see invoice details, discussion items, and a clear image of the original invoice leading to one-touch approvals or rejections.

Learn more by taking a look at our video on mobile approval and consider how your organization can better prepare for national emergencies.

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