Modernize and Simplify Check Requests with DataServ’s All-New Payment Request

At DataServ, we are always looking for ways to improve our processes and offer solutions to better meet the needs of our clients. Recently, we have noticed a greater need for clients to have the ability to make a payment to vendors without an invoice, enforcing financial controls on these exceptions to the normal invoice process. For many, this is most commonly required in situations like paying taxes that have come due, paying someone who is not an employee, such as a contractor, or making a deposit on a more significant purchase.

Previously, we offered our Check Request solution, but we’ve improved the functionality and capabilities to bring you our new and improved Payment Request

Evolving Needs Require Innovative Solutions

We designed the Payment Request solution to alleviate common pain points organizations face. In some cases, payments need to be made without the use of an invoice, either due to the unique or urgent nature of the purchase, making an invoice an impractical choice. These may include taxes due to state governments, compensation payments to former employees upon separation, advanced deposit on a rental, lease or rent payments, or rendering payment to a balloon artist at a company picnic who doesn’t take credit cards.

Employees can request a payment for something that does not have an invoice via Payment Request

A Seamless User Experience

This updated solution simplifies requesting and receiving payments, keeping everything streamlined in a digital format. Users first enter the vendor information to ensure vendor validity, then request payment from the vendor via check or other method. Payment Request allows users to code, attach supporting documentation, enter special instructions, and see the status of a payment request.  

Integrated Workflow

Check requests may require a different approach but still need the same financial controls as the rest of the accounts payable (AP) process, including workflow approvals and duplicate detection. Payment Request pairs seamlessly with our additional AP automation solutions, offering a consistent workflow across any request type. 

Robust Approvals and Audits

Thanks to increased security measures and compliance features, Payment Request ensures these check and payment requests are accurate. Rest assured that the financial actions taken through Payment Request will stand up to an approval matrix and an audit check to uphold the integrity of your controls.

Go Paperless to Simplify and Speed Up Processes

Your organization can confidently remove paper from AP processes while building efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use with just one interface. Not only does this help streamline processes, but it also boosts your organization’s environmental sustainability by eliminating the need for excessive printing and paper. 

Empower Your Remote Workforce

Because the Payment Request information is easily accessible through DataServ, you minimize typical billing issues that stem from work-from-home employees. Regardless of the employee’s location, whether they work remotely full-time or are temporarily away due to weather, illness, or planned time away from the office, time-sensitive payments can still be addressed – a necessity in today’s fast-paced world.

Achieve Better Efficiency in Accounts Payable with Payment Request by DataServ

Even if your AP and Purchasing teams have worked together to automate the purchase requisition and purchase order process, limiting the process to requisitions or POs will not meet 100% of your organization’s needs. The Payment Request solution from DataServ offers a way to bridge that gap and provide options for making payments for many situations, regardless of the presence of an invoice. 

For more information on Payment Request or other AP automation solutions, contact the DataServ team today or reach out online to schedule a demo to see how our solutions can work for you.

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