Here we are at the start of the 2017 edition of Accounts Payable (AP) Recognition Week. This is fantastic and please let me extend my thanks and congratulations to these terrific teams! But, this recognition week also has me thinking...why is there only one week per year to honor Accounts Payable professionals? Based on the premise that AP teams control cash, keep vendors delivering, and protect against fraud every day, why aren’t we erecting monuments in their honor? Why haven’t we started printing their faces on currency and launching parades down every Main Street across the country?

All kidding aside, and maybe it’s just me, but recognition once a year just doesn’t seem like enough for our friends in Accounts Payable given all that they do every day. After spending over 20 years at DataServ getting to know so many AP teams and building automation solutions that make AP departments more efficient, I may have developed some very positive bias towards AP men and women.

So, this second week of October is indeed an important week to reflect on the contributions of Accounts Payable departments to today’s marketplace. It will go very fast now that quarter close is over and 2018 planning is looming. But for now - this week - AP reigns supreme! Go nuts! Continue being as awesome as you are! This is your time to bask in the sun, eat two (or three) doughnuts, start a flash mob in the break room...whatever makes you happy!

Hats off to you -- here’s to all of your effort, resilience, and integrity. I, along with everyone at DataServ, appreciate all that you do and really enjoy working with you. Check out these images we took around the DataServ offices to celebrate with you during this special week.

DataServ AP Week Employee Photo Collage

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