The Bite-Sized Approach

Evolution Over Revolution

In our experience, we have seen that most companies encounter a natural evolution in their AP processing. Yet, most solution providers don’t allow companies to add technology as they evolve, preferring to sell their software capabilities as a “one size fits all” package or a custom developed solution.

DataServ however, supports the “bite-sized” approach. You can start with small steps, and gradually evolve to the full solution at your own pace. All our solutions integrate seamlessly, but they also work independently.

Option 1

Start by improving a single process, such as automating physical intake of invoices and purchase documents

Option 2

Roll out an AP automation solution for a single division/location to see how it performs, before implementing company-wide

Option 3

Tackle automating those cumbersome purchase order-based invoices first

Either way, take an approach that affords you the ability to ease into a solution if that is what is best for your organization.

Why do we do this?

We’ve been at this a long time! We know there are countless roadblocks preventing you from evolving and this approach removes many of them.

  • There is too much to take on

  • You’re distracted by other priorities

  • There are business process changes that have to be done first

  • There are too few resources (IT and/or business)


Wisdom of Taking it Slow

This approach targets efforts and provides decision-makers with more instantaneous feedback on how automation works in their business. The lessons learned are then applied to improve the ultimate rollout and launch. Once an organization sees how the solution works in the “real world,” we can work together to come up with a comprehensive launch plan. This approach can also accelerate user adoption.

A Harvard Business Review study concluded, “Over 70 percent of all major transformation initiatives fail due to these initiatives being unable to quickly test and respond to issues that inevitably arise during implementation.”

  • Minimize internal risks

  • Improves user adoption rates

  • Improves the larger rollout plan

Start with What You Need

Whether you are just moving from a manual invoice process to automation, need to cover the gaps left by a mandated supplier network, or you need to automate one department or location at a time, you have the option to buy only the DataServ solutions you need today while knowing that you can phase in other modules when you are ready.

We have a plan for every stage of your evolution, and wherever you are now we can help.
From a single capability to a full-blown solution, we’ll work with you to tailor the ideal configuration for your situation.

Take a Bite out of AP Automation